Friday, September 6, 2013

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    Ash <> Sep 06 06:56AM -0600  

    I'm mostly a lurker here, but will be more active from here on out. I'm
    wondering what everyone's development environment is like!
    I'm running several:
    MAMP/WAMP with GIT, Aptana studio, GIMP, Inkscape and cyberduck
    WAMP Running on an AMD F4200 rig with 3TB of storage 16 GIG RAM, with 2 24
    inch monitors and a Black Window keyboard
    MAMP running on a macbook pro
    LAMP with VIM (Keeping it simple!)
    LAMP is running on stand alone Linux boxes and/or virtualized instances
    What do you all run?


    chris walker <> Sep 06 09:40PM +0800  

    I5 with 16 gigs and 5 monitorsplus numerous ios and android devices for


    Ash <> Sep 06 08:03AM -0600  

    nice! I want to get into Andriod Dev! Are you making websites or stand
    alone software?


    Chris Walker <> Sep 06 10:12PM +0800  

    I do not dabble in apps, I just build websites. A jack of all trades is
    a master of none. I try to stay focused on what I do and evolve with the
    technology. I have no interest in learning everything. I tried to learn
    Ruby and my head almost exploded.
    I do build with "mobile first" in mind, so have different devices to
    prove that the sites work as designed. I got tired of hearing, "I can't
    see this on my iPhone!" and other devices. Another reason for 5 monitors
    is that I can view sites in multiple browsers plus edit and ftp at the
    same time. On 9/6/2013 10:03 PM, Ash wrote:


    Steve Swickard <> Sep 06 10:42AM -0600  

    My primary machine is an i7 4770K with 32GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, 2TB Data
    drive and a 3TB backup drive. Currently I have 3 monitors but I find I run
    out of screen real estate quickly. I run several VM's on this machine (all
    Linux/BSD Unix). I use a variety of Editors, Sublime text 2, CoffeeCup HTML
    Editor, Komodo Edit 8 and VS2010. My backup machine is an older Pentium 4
    with XP. Additionally I have a core 2 dual machine running Server 2003 and
    Linux in VM's.


    "Michael J. Fuhrman" <> Sep 03 12:59PM -0700  

    Manuel Lemos is coming to San Francisco / San Jose for Google 2013
    Developer Conference, between September 30th - October 2nd. For those
    who may not know Manuel, he is the developer of
    If you would like to meet Manuel, we are scheduling a dinner session
    with Manuel on October 3rd 2013 at a restaurant yet to be named. Seating
    will be limited to 20 people.
    Manuel will be speak to many different trends he is seeing in the
    industry, and taking your questions:
    - how many people are accessing, and for what purposes?
    - how many new scripts are being submitted, and for what aspects of
    website design?
    - What is the newest trending aspect of website design that has caught
    Manuel's attention?
    - ... [ .. I suggest reviewing some of the blogs for other questions
    .. ]
    Again, seating is for 20 people. The cost will be 10$ per participant
    to cover the rental space costs.
    Please respond if you would like to attend this event.


    Artist <> Sep 04 07:20AM -0500  

    Respond privately to the sender, please.


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