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    John Mackmohan <> Sep 20 07:08AM -0700  

    Hi Mick,
    Basically you can use one tool which most of SEO using for finding the
    content duplication issues. ex -
    if you have content copy issue with your own five site so you can use
    canonical tag in your coding to saw your relation between urls.
    On Thursday, September 12, 2013 7:05:49 AM UTC+5:30, MickD wrote:


    Google Expert Michael Wilson <> Sep 23 09:59AM -0400  

    Show is a list of sites.
    Do not worry no one gets in trouble for showing there website. Actually it helps.
    That way we can properly look things over
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    Colin King <> Sep 23 09:20AM -0700  

    > Hi Michael,
    We have just been through similar thought processes with our site at where we have the same products sold in both the USA and
    the UK. We originally had two different sites but for SEO reasons we
    wanted to bring everything together in one site. After a good deal of
    thought and debate Here is what we eventually concluded...

    Wherever possible we have made the UK page content as different as possible
    to its "twin" page in the US. We have ensured that the titles and meta
    descriptions are different in each case. We had about 25 "major" pages in
    each country each consisting of about 1,000 words so it was not an easy
    process but one we thought we must undertake. As far as possible we
    ensured that the content was aimed specifically at the target country and
    gave credence to all the differences we knew about the requirements and the
    buying habits of that country.

    Where it was not possible to write different content we used canonicals to
    make sure that only one of the pages was indexed - in our case we wanted
    the American site indexed because that is the most important to us. Please
    note that as far as I am aware it is NOT possible to use canonicals across
    different sites - they can only be employed within the same domain.

    Where we have very little content on a page (which doesn't happen very
    often with our particular site) we again used canonicals but I don't think
    this is critical because "light content" pages are not likely to accrue
    much PageRank in any case. I'm on shaky ground here because it seldom
    happens that we have light content pages but perhaps someone else in the
    forum can shed some light on this.

    Hope that helps,




    Google Expert Michael Wilson <> Sep 23 04:48PM -0400  

    It's difficult to follow exactly what your trying to say, but let me tell you about my little buddy GoogleBot.... Having a site with American section and a British section is very well fine. GoogleBot can see its different but very similar in was and a lot if information is the same and that's ok ..... But you must not have 2 sites running both American and British
    As long as you do all you can guys and gals to follow googles guidelines and real efforts for the visitors experience in the site... GoogleBot won't send a message to Penalize your site if it sees your doing your best but making unaware mistakes... It will penalize you if you try to pull a fast one on my little buddy.
    Let's talk about it some more later.
    Michael Wilson
    Content is King
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    Google Expert Michael Wilson <> Sep 23 05:05PM -0400  

    In cases like that and 5 sites is not the answer..... Put info like employee info in a photo.. White background
    And yes if you feel you need 5 sites then 5 sets of writing.
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    Rahul Trivedi <> Sep 19 03:37PM +0530  

    Yes, you may be panelized.. I can understand after seeing your site only.
    Can you send me the detail?


    mj kamrul <> Sep 20 07:33AM -0700  

    Hi, I'm using Colibri seo tool for my keyword research and it's great. I
    couldn't think how easy it can be to use and also affordable. I'll suggest
    to use this tool once and hope it won't let you down. This tool is availble
    on Thanks
    On Thursday, February 15, 2007 5:56:47 AM UTC+6, SEOExpert wrote:


    Rahul Trivedi <> Sep 19 03:38PM +0530  

    can you send me your website detail? Afterwords i can suggest you something


    Nishitha KM <> Sep 20 02:58AM -0700  

    Thanks a lot for both question and answer,i learnt something..
    what are the latest tools in seo ??


    RAHUL BISHT <> Sep 22 01:45AM -0700  

    On Saturday, June 23, 2007 7:15:31 PM UTC+5:30, SEOExpert wrote:


    Nishitha KM <> Sep 23 04:22AM -0700  

    how to increase the page rank of the keywords quickly...
    Thank you..


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