Sunday, February 26, 2012

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    WebJinx <> Feb 24 09:45PM -0800  

    Sammy, I must say that I looked at your profile and you are a great
    contributor to this and other forums and I was completely wrong.
    My immediate judgement (from past experiences) is that when you see
    someone post a single link to something monetizing then it's a spammer
    with nothing to say.
    I must admit that I was in the wrong and am going to take my comment
    down and hope it didn't discard any visitors.
    I just switched from an old forum that I used for years due to
    I'll check the profile next time!


    Sammy Noorani <> Feb 25 11:05AM -0500  

    No worries man.


    Kadio <> Feb 25 07:00AM -0800  

    I set up my new blogspot blog. please suggest me how to improve it.

    thanks advance


    Joni Mueller <> Feb 25 09:53AM -0600  

    I would not rely on the 'credibility' of anyone too cheap to have his/her own domain and hosting. Sorry, that's just how my mind works without even clicking on your link.
    Joni Mueller
    Pixelita Designs
    Sent from my iPhone


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