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    rajeshan D <d.rajeshan@gmail.com> Feb 28 12:28PM +0530  

    I am new in joomla. I have puchased jomsocial 2.4 version. I have stuck in
    modifying two search box below the header follow the link........
    http://rkandcompany.co.in/servspeed2 I have searched lot to getting that
    type of module..but not succeed, so thats why i have turned to modify
    existing code could anyone help me regarding this plz...


    chris walker <customsitepro@gmail.com> Feb 28 04:57PM +0800  

    Since you bought the component and have a license for the software your
    first step should be to ask the developer for advice and also seek help in
    the community forums.
    Jomsocial is a very sophisticated component and not something I would
    suggest for a Joomla noob to dive into and start hacking at the code. Make
    sure you back up your site before doing so.
    Jomsocial is only one component of thousands of extensions created to work
    within Joomla. You may find that there is a 3rd party module out there that
    will accomlish your needs. Search the JED.
    I am replying with my phone right now. When I get into the office I will
    look a little closer at what you are lookin for and may be able to come up
    with something.


    rajeshan D <d.rajeshan@gmail.com> Feb 29 09:31AM +0530  

    Thank u so much chris walker replied me.....


    Amit Halder <infoibuildsite@gmail.com> Feb 28 08:15PM +0530  

    hi Olivier,
    I know the list where from but i share it is for new link builder who are
    searching some article sites.
    and my blog i share some good list for linkbuilding.
    best regards


    Amit Halder <infoibuildsite@gmail.com> Feb 28 08:42PM +0530  

    hi mate,
    Thanks for your advice. I delete the post and i update a new list by 2 or 3


    chris walker <customsitepro@gmail.com> Feb 28 11:16PM +0800  

    The main issue with your site is the fact that you claim to be the best SEO
    firm in India, but as Joni pointed out you do not have the resources to
    have your own hosting or even a domain name. This does not come off as very
    professional to others on this list and to potential clients. It makes me
    think your office is at computer #23 in the local internet cafe.
    Godaddy has a promo right now for $1.49 domains.. one per customer. the
    promo code is LEAD149. Pull some rupees out of your pocket and go buy a
    domain name, then get some hosting. Try to stay away from the .in if you
    want to be taken seriously.
    Once you actually have a domain name and a hosting account of your own,
    then try to create some original content for your site. It is okay to
    reference articles or publish a list, but you should actually write
    something that comes from your own experiences or opinions regarding SEO
    then put a link over to the original content instead of taking a list and
    calling it your own.
    For example, you can write something along the lines of:
    There are many different ways you can improve your search engine results by
    building some link love. In our experience, we have been able to increase
    the traffic of our client's sites by 400% by using these tactics. Some of
    our favorite resources can be found on this list....
    [link to list]
    blah blah blah, more commentary
    You could even make a list of your 5 favorites from the list of 50. This
    makes your article have some value as you are actually helping the reader
    by giving them the 5 best in your opinion.
    By creating articles like this, you are going to show that you actually
    have some knowledge and maybe you might even get some clients out of it
    (your goal in the first place). Don't add fuel to the fire that
    "Outsourcing to India is a joke because Indians are just human copy
    You might also want to learn to write grammatically (western sounding)
    correct. A client that notices how you butcher the English language will
    not be a client of yours.


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