Thursday, February 23, 2012

captcha entry site

hey everyone.

i've just stumpled upon a captcha entry site. if you do this at the
right time , you get paid 1,35 dollar/1000 images.
when you type 10 captchas in a minute , you have the 1.35 after 1 hour
and 40 minutes.
its quite easy and the only thing you have to typ is 1 or 2 words.

i advice you to zoom 140% or something like that , because some
imageges are really small. and you only have 15 seconds to type the
the site is :
please use my invitation code: UEC
thanks a lot if you do use my code , if not. okay :)

they also have several ways to get your payout: paypal , webmoney,
liberty reserve and more.

have a nice day.

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