Friday, February 24, 2012

Pre Owned Watches

The pre owned watch market is booming.

  I mean, really booming.

  While the main stream new watch market is starting to grow again after a period of shrinking, the used watch market is thriving.

  So what is a pre owned watch?

  A pre owned watch is basically a watch that is not new and in most cases has been worn before by one or even several previous owners.

  Pre owned watches usually come in like new condition and mostly with original box and papers, but without the original warranty. The original manufacturers warranty has usually expired or has been filled out with the previous owners details so therefore useless to the prospective secondary buyer. Most vintage watches come with a warranty from the seller. Jewelry stores are usually the best option to buy pre owned watches as they almost always provide a warranty which is backed by their own on site watch makers.

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