Monday, February 27, 2012

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    Reg Charie <> Feb 25 11:33PM -0800  

    As others have stated, fix your h1 tags. There should only be 1 h1 tag
    on a page and that should be your primary keyword phrase.
    This would be in the largest text on the page.
    h2 tags should be descriptive of the h1 and 2nd largest text.
    Change your title around and shorten it - Elliston Accommodation |
    Elliston Beach House
    You do not need to repeat words in your keyword tag. Elliston
    Accommodation Beach House
    I would also do some keyword research.
    Vacation or holiday beach house rental would probably bring more
    qualified traffic than accommodation.
    The description meta is for a description of what is on the page, not
    a description of your rental program. Shorter is better.
    Get your "Ellison South Australia" text out of the graphic in the
    header and put it back in real text. Add a postal address and phone
    number there.
    Tell folks IMMEDIATELY (in the header) that this is a vacation rental
    property. "Beach vacation home" (in h1) in the largest text on the
    Put a map on the main page to show where it is.
    If you allow pets, indicate it on the main page.
    Reg Charie


    Ragesh Raj <> Feb 24 02:17PM +0530  

    Hi guys ,
 this website having page rank 5 , its domain age 4
    years its not have any backlinks and pages.
    my doubt was how this site got PR 5 ?
    Kindest Regards


    Search Marketing Specialist <> Feb 27 04:12PM +0530  

    yes i use this what its will accept few sites and my site is reject by website. can u tell me any other website
    Gaurav Vig
    Search Marketing Specialist
    +919465866785 | Ludhiana


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