Monday, February 27, 2012

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    Artist <> Feb 27 03:59PM -0600  

    Hello All...
    I didn't announce it, as I didn't want anyone to know, I didn't want to get
    back to find my house burglarized or anything, after all. Not that anyone
    on any of my groups is capable of something like that, but it is simply
    just better not to broadcast stupid stuff.
    I went to Water Island, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and my family had a
    great time. I got plenty of photos and video, and I will try to blog about
    some of it, posting the best stuff online. I was greatly intrigued with
    the local wildlife such as iguanas, geckos, hermit crabs and fish. My
    great aunt treated us to so much great island cuisine that I don't recall
    having ever eaten better, at any time in my life.
    However, wouldn't you know it, but as I was already there enjoying my
    vacation, one of my more advanced web hosting options shut down my
    services. This was not by surprise, as I have asked them to shut down my
    reseller web hosting account for a few months, now. I had been expecting
    it to happen for some time, even looking forward to it so that I would get
    stuff done. But back when I asked them I got busy with other things. I
    even asked them to do it again.
    The timing wasn't right, is all. Although I had contingency plans in
    place, they were pretty hard to execute on an island internet connection.
    But now I'm back from my (working) vacation and I have lots more to do. I
    have a great deal of minor sites that were operating on the advanced web
    hosting account, but I had no real way to resell the advanced hosting
    because of account restrictions. In the end, I couldn't afford it myself
    and had to give it up.
    Anyways, I have lots of minor sites to put back up. So I'll be busy, but
    you can still get a hold of me through my main website (the one bearing my
    name), this email address, or at 605-331-0808, if you need to.
    Take Care!*
    Doug Peters
    (605) 610-9001 (Google phone) or 1-800-279-2156


    Artist <> Feb 27 03:34PM -0600  

    I have to jump in...
    Posting a link with no real content does indeed give the wrong impression.
    Just chalk it up to a slip, I think. Still, as this is a small closed
    group that is seen as google as having light activity, such a post is not
    going to help a great deal.
    We tend to react before we even check out links, based on past
    experiences. And that's OK too, we are protecting ourselves via our past
    There are several points of view here, and they aren't necessarily wrong.
    Doug Peters


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