Thursday, August 30, 2012

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    chris walker <> Aug 31 08:14AM +0800  

    Free and pirated templates are full of back links designed to give
    linkjuice or install malacisous software on your server.
    On the other hand, there as plenty of free frameworks for WordPress and
    other CMSs out there that only require you leave a credit to then in the
    source code. These are a blank canvass to work from.
    If you happen to be inspired by the layout of a template and loosely model
    a template after something you like without lifting the Creator's images I
    think you are pretty safe. For instance, if you like a certain gradient
    used for a site and used you own color scheme it would not be copyright
    infringement, but using their icons and menubar directly with your own
    gradient would be.
    There is nothing wrong with using another site for inspiration. You might
    seize on a small element and come up with a totally different look.


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