Sunday, August 26, 2012

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    shels honeysuckle <> Aug 25 02:18AM -0700  

    I took care of the blink lines, it was annoying me too. I think I fixed
    everything on it yesterday. Not sure what else I can do with it right now.
    Check on it when you all can and let me know. thanks for the help!
    On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 8:22 AM, shels honeysuckle <
    Shelly Honeysuckle


    Binaek Sarkar <> Aug 26 12:00AM +0530  

    I already told you Shels... Reduce the image sizes... The image
    2doorway.png is 913.95KB in size... Thats HUGE... Try to bring it down to
    less than 100KB...
    Binaek Sarkar


    chris walker <> Aug 26 09:55AM +0800  

    You know anyone can make a website, it is like falling off a log. Build it
    and they will come. There is no need to spend years learning and constantly
    upgrade those skills every time somebody farts. /sarcasm
    Shels, after the initial barage of observation and one pickup line, members
    here have given you some well intended advice. You need to take off your
    artist's beret` and think with the right side of your brain. I know the
    Picasso in you is trying to battle the geek but you have to meet half way.
    A website, like a house, needs a good foundation. Use a good framework to
    build it. You can then decorate like you want within reason, but you have
    to mind the CC&Rs .
    I will give you a link to help you in your pursuit of understanding the
    basics: While it is not a complete education in web
    design, the exercises will help you a lot. The courses are free and so is


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