Thursday, August 30, 2012

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    Idesign Team <> Aug 29 02:03PM -0700  

    Ok,so i have created online shop with shoping cards and,client want from me to make option that allows
    customers that they don't have to pay entire price,they can type in some
    random quantity of money and then that quantity is being payed (using
    Cards)....HOW to do that????????????????


    shels honeysuckle <> Aug 29 07:54AM -0700  

    Naa I don't rule anything out.
    This is my first alive gig, plus I been wanting this pagan site for 3
    years! The last one sucked big time. I am doing the best that I can with
    that I know. I need all the experience that I get can get and I will be
    going back to school soon to finish my education. I only know how to use
    dreamweaver, been using that for years!
    Thank for the Village 88 link, I got my account set up and I will be
    looking to learn from it soon. :)
    Shelly Honeysuckle


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