Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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    kunal pawar <kunal4uonly@gmail.com> Aug 21 04:59PM +0530  

    Hi All,
    Need your expert suggestions & advice on the below mentioned issue ---
    I handle a website which has around 45000+ pages cached by Google & around
    90000 monthly visitors. The site produces around 1500 leads per month. This
    website is developed in Java as a result makes it slightly difficult to
    maintain. What we are planning is to change the technology of the site from
    Java to ASP.NET as we expertise with ASP.NET.
    Apart from this, we are also planning to host the site under our own server
    (currently hosted with some Hosting company).
    What I would like to know is what all impact will the above 2 have on our
    site & what would be the precautions needed to avoid from the worst to


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