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    Nishith Patel <> Sep 04 09:21PM -0700  

    Hello webmaster,
    currently I have traffic 200 per month on my website.
    i want to drive relevant traffic to my site. i would like your views on how
    to get 10K hits a month to my site and how long it would take.
    so what are the ways to reach this target and how much time duration it
    would be take?


    SEO EXTENT <> Sep 10 10:26PM +0530  

    whats is your theme?
    (Internet Marketer)
    skype: davidseo08
    Gtalk: seodavid08
    Website : *** <>


    susie kurtz <> Sep 04 09:49AM -0400  

    Hi All,
    360i a full service search/social agency in New York is looking for an SEO Manager - do you know anyone that might be looking?
    360i is looking for an SEO Manager who will translate clients' business goals into successful search engine optimization strategies, perform technical site analysis, competitive/keyword research, and link analysis. You will also be responsible for optimizing various site elements, including site structure, link popularity and copywriting and developing ongoing customer reports, which yield qualitative and quantitative trends for ongoing SEO efforts. You will also collaborate with Client Services and Media departments to feed SEO-specific findings into broader online media strategy.
    About 360i - Over a Decade of Digital Innovation
    We're a next generation digital agency rooted in innovation and drive. We don't walk; we run. We don't follow; we lead. We dream, and then we do. Our ideas are big, but our results are bigger. Bigger still is our collective pursuit of positive change - the innovations that will move our industry forward in new and exciting directions.
    The digital world changes fast -- and our employees are just as dynamic. Our backgrounds and strengths are diverse, yet we're all fueled by an innate curiosity that inspires us to blaze new trails and a shared belief in the power of the web to forge deeper relationships between brands and consumers. If you're sharp, creative and forward-thinking - and if complacency isn't in your vocabulary - drop us a line. It takes a special kind of person to work here, and we hope that's you.
    li>3+ years experience with search engine optimization strategies and at an agency is a plus
    BA/BS in Information Technology, Information Systems, MIS, eCommerce, Computer Science or related discipline.
    The ideal candidate will have at least 3 years exposure to technical production of websites, or web-related projects including programming comprehension of HTML, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion, .NET and Perl
    Strong communication skills (written and verbal), interpersonal skills, a positive attitude and the ability to thrive in a collaborative environment
    A strong customer service orientation and the ability to form customer relationships are a necessity
    Able to successfully organize, prioritize and manage multiple projects in a deadline-driven environment
    Effective troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
    Ability to quickly and clearly examine algorithmic best practices, opportunities and solutions that are applicable to a site property. .
    Solid understanding of shopping & comparison search engines, data feed creation, local search, spec requirements, implementation issues, and QA for various uploads.
    Proven ability to help larger team implement and push ongoing strategic projects for algorithmic growth.
    Shows continued effort to develop technology skill sets or qualifications.
    Stays current with industry best practices and search engine technologies.
    Lead internal task forces, forge partnerships and or new product development
    Participation in creating white papers, POV's, blog posts, or industry thought leadership.
    Help oversee growth and mentorship of other junior team members.
    Potential for speaking at industry conferences and events
    An equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered

    Susie Kurtz
    32 Sixth Avenue
    360i |32 Sixth Avenue | 6th floor | New York, NY 10013
    Between Lispenard and Walker
    P: 212 991-4419| F: 212 703-7255 |
    Web: | Blog: Digital Connections | Twitter: @360i

    Advertising Age: #1 Standout Shop & "Best Places to Work"
    Fast Company's "World's Most Innovative Companies"
    Check us out at

    On Sep 2, 2012, at 1:09 AM, RAJ SINGH wrote:


    Nishith Patel <> Sep 06 09:34PM -0700  

    hello Friends,
    This is cache date Record for my one website.
    Before I found this Problem, my site cache on every four - five Days.
    this is one example of my site:
    17-Aug-12 : 11 Aug 2012 03:15:09 GMT
    18-Aug-12 : 11 Aug 2012 03:15:09 GMT
    20-Aug-12 : 14 Aug 2012 19:52:33 GMT
    21-Aug-12 : 14 Aug 2012 19:52:33 GMT
    22-Aug-12 : 14 Aug 2012 19:52:33 GMT
    23-Aug-12 : 21 Aug 2012 14:07:11 GMT
    24-Aug-12 : 21 Aug 2012 14:07:11 GMT
    25-Aug-12 : 21 Aug 2012 14:07:11 GMT
    27-Aug-12 : 21 Aug 2012 14:07:11 GMT
    28-Aug-12 : 24 Aug 2012 02:41:01 GMT
    29-Aug-12 : 24 Aug 2012 02:41:01 GMT
    30-Aug-12 : 24 Aug 2012 02:41:01 GMT
    31-Aug-12 : 24 Aug 2012 02:41:01 GMT
    1-Sep-12 : 24 Aug 2012 02:41:01 GMT
    3-Sep-12 : 24 Aug 2012 02:41:01 GMT
    4-Sep-12 : 24 Aug 2012 02:41:01 GMT
    5-Sep-12 : 24 Aug 2012 02:41:01 GMT
    6-Sep-12 : 24 Aug 2012 02:41:01 GMT
    7-Sep-12 : 24 Aug 2012 02:41:01 GMT
    But I found same problem in my more then 10 sites.
    why suddenly this happen to my sites?
    what are reasons behind this?
    what is solution for this problem?
    how can my site again cache on every four - five Days.


    bhuvana <> Sep 09 11:43PM -0700  

    Hi to all
    My site ( ) was hacked about 2 weeks ago
    I removed it soon after the attack, updated from an old database and
    asked Google to review it & Google lifted the warning on my site.
    However now the SERP for all of my targeted keywords are down from #1 & #2
    on the 1st page to nowhere to be found
    how long do I need to gain my SERP back to normal?
    What should I do to speed the process?
    And i am very sure that my site is not being penalized by google...


    Krishna Chaitanya <> Sep 10 05:55PM +0530  

    Hi Professionals !
    I am working for Gaming site named freerummy <> !
    Hear is my problem that, i use to get at least 30 to 50 visits every day &
    had good keyword rankings! I don't know what happen to site (i didn't work
    for 2 months on this sites) i lost all the positions!
    I am following latest updates, but unable to get fix this issue.
    Regularly i am working
    Off Page !
    Some times on Page!
    I have changed Meta tags !
    I am not getting what i need to do ! to get more traffic.!
    Please let me out of this problem !
    -Thanks &Regards:
    Krishna Chaitanya,.


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