Sunday, September 16, 2012

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    "gary young" <> Sep 16 11:51AM +0200  

    Hi All,

    I am looking for a limited number of website owners who wishes to have benefit from:

    3 one way back links in exchange for 1 back link from you.

    Some of you will realize that that each link I am offering is the most POWERFUL backlinks you can get that will definitely boost your rankings because each of my 3 links:

    1) Are home page backlinks
    2) Are in context of a page – not side link or footer link
    3) Are on a relevant website on a relevant page
    4) Are on a Website with at least a Page Rank of 3
    5) Are a one way back link not weak reciprocal
    6) Each website is on a different Class IP host account

    In order to qualify to get the three one way links from me in exchange of one back link from you with the above characteristics, your website must be in one of the following niches.

    i. Medical
    ii. Weightloss or Fitness
    iii. Real estate
    iv. Holiday/Travel
    v. Personal finance
    vi. Sex
    vii. Internet Marketing

    Three one way back links in exchange for one back link. (10 x better that reciprocal links and 5 x better than 3 way link exchange)

    I am only making above offer exclusively to this forum as I am regular contributor. Moreover, this is a genuine one time offer on a limited first come first served basis.

    If you are interested DO NOT reply to this email, just send me a private email to with the website you want receive my 3 one way back links.

    Looking forward to hearing from those of you or understand my genuine one time offer!


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