Tuesday, September 4, 2012

[Inside AdSense] PubTalk: Publishers choose Google AdSense because...

Why do publishers choose Google AdSense? In the past, we've heard from businesses like Concertboom and AlloExpat.com about how AdSense helped them grow their businesses and expand their audiences.
In a recent Google+ Hangout with publishers, we asked simplyadditions.com's Voitek Klimczyk, txantiquemall.com's David and Jan Moncrief, and diyornot.com's Katie and Gene Hamilton why they started using AdSense and why they're still with us. Their response? AdSense makes it easier for these publishers to do what they love.

Watch this video to hear more and keep an eye out for more publisher stories on our blog and AdSense +page.


Did you miss our previous PubTalk posts? See what these and other publishers have to say about ad sizes and placements, adding ad units, and testing colors in our optimization tip videos from the same Hangout.

This post is part of the PubTalk series of conversations with Publishers

Posted by Julia Eckstein - Inside AdSense Team

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