Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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    sorry chou <sorry.chou@gmail.com> Mar 18 07:02AM -0700  

    HI ALL:
    I have a strange problem when generating report use dimension "
    HOSTED_AD_CLIENT_ID", i can get a list of my publisher's adclientid, but
    not all.
    using accounts_adclients->listAccountsAdclients to check those adclients
    get output like follows
    [kind] => adsensehost#adClient
    [id] => ca-pub-xxxxx
    [productCode] => AFC
    [supportsReporting] => 1
    how to slove this problem? i need it complete my project, thanks!


    Ashesh <ppashesh@gmail.com> Mar 18 01:09AM -0700  

    Hi Sergio,

    With sandbox account, in callback url the response for verifyAssociation()
    show the status as "ACCEPTED" and then I was able to call
    Accounts.adclients: get and after that created the ad units successfully

    but with Live account in callback url when I call verifyAssociation() the
    status shows as "ACCEPTED" but call to Accounts.adclients: get returns
    "Account not found".

    When I call Accounts: get the status returned was PENDING

    Is this normal behavioral difference between sandbox and live accounts,
    some sort of time lag?
    In live account adclients / ad units be fetched only when the account is

    Thanks in advance

    Note: I posted the same question on 14th March under different thread but
    seems it got buried so please ignore that.


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