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    sorry chou <sorry.chou@gmail.com> Mar 04 08:15PM -0800  

    php client libraries example introduce how to update adunit using patch method,
    but it will fail when change contentAdsSettings. backupOption.type
    if you want change url to blank, always get error message "url must be
    blank", but you can't not slove this problem even reassign
    contentAdsSettings. backupOption.url = ""
    we can using update method as follows
    1. get old adunit
    $old_adunit = $adSenseHost->accounts_adunits->get($accountid,
    $clientid, $adunitid);
    2. create new adunit object
    $adUnit = new Google_AdUnit();
    3. assign
    and other parameters
    4 $result=$adSenseHost->accounts_adunits->update($accountid, $clientid,
    update complete :)


    sorry chou <sorry.chou@gmail.com> Mar 04 07:36PM -0800  

    according to reference
    *Optional parameters*hostCustomChannelIdstringHost custom channel to attach
    to the ad code.
    but when using php client libraries, this parameter should be an array as
    array('hostCustomChannelId', array('ca-host-pub-xxxx', 'xxxxx', ....))


    Tony J <tonyjohn@gmail.com> Mar 04 01:34AM -0800  

    You just have to use any web socket classes to download the content of the
    page and then do a simple string search to find the AdSense code. You will
    have to parse the AdSense script you find in the page source.
    You will NOT be able to use any AdSense APIs to do the same, but is a
    simple task using any standard http classes, depending on the platform you
    are using.
    On Saturday, 23 February 2013 13:34:36 UTC+5:30, farrukh nadeem wrote:


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