Thursday, March 21, 2013

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    Jay Bale <> Mar 21 01:31AM -0400 is a drink specials and happy hour locator.
    The name has a past tense in it.
    Drink has been replaced with drank.
    But how will google handle such a play on words?
    If you are a optimizer, like myself you should find out - I'm not telling.
    But I firmly believe you will find the most creative use of a URL ever.
    Check for "drink specials in Ann Arbor"
    What you will find is outright amazing.
    Good luck !
    I checked Google policy and found no data suggesting it was not acceptable.
    A true white hat secret - if you don't see what has happened, don't ask me
    because I'm staying quiet. And please don't shout it out if you see it. Let
    others find it by really looking. - Ann Arbor drink specials - is the keyword!
    Hint - try the search in all tenses.
    Drink, drank, and drunk.
    And don't get confused by finding
    drinkbank, it also is a live URL.
    Jay - Group Manager
    Jay Bale SEO
    Jay Bale and Associates
    Google Ecommerce Development
    Group Manager, Google SEO 1
    122 S. Main Suite 290
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1925 USA
    Cell: 734-646-7694 <>
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    exclusively for the individuals to which it is addressed. This
    communication, including any attachments or any other form of media, may
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    reserved by Jay Bale & Associates


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