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    Nabeel Saleem <> Apr 11 08:31PM +0500  

    index your website in search engines.
    On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 5:50 PM, Dr Jamil Hashmi


    Google Expert Michael Wilson <> Apr 12 09:29AM -0400  

    .us domains do not work well at all.
    Michael Wilson
    Thank You and God Bless
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    Sunny WebSeo <> Apr 10 11:47PM -0700  

    Hi All experts,
    I have two domains live on web - & Both are pointing to
    same website so creating the issue of duplicate content. when i am
    searching random content snippet in Google, It shows me in search
    results. But mu original domain is I want to appear in
    search results.
    I cannot apply meta noindex tag in
    So what I have done- I closed the domain so it is no more live on
    Will it make appear in search results for the same content ?
    Will it solve the problem of duplicate content ?
    Please let me have clarification on this issue
    Thanks in advance


    Craig Elie <> Apr 11 02:55PM -0400  

    You should have 301 redirected it


    Jay Bale <> Apr 12 09:24AM -0400  

    Just shut down the URL that you no longer want and the algorithm will
    automatically correct the issue you speak of. The active domain will not
    follow and replace the old domains as they die off over the next few weeks,
    within the SERPS.
    It may take some time depending on the level of penalty you received and
    your crawl rate. I would go to webmaster tools and ask that both sites be
    crawled as soon as they are positioned and the dying URL has been parked at
    the registrar. Expect several months before any real traction begins.
    Jay Bale SEO
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    Rajith Zachariah <> Apr 11 08:31PM -0700  

    You can't claim this as a copied content. They only have some words
    matching your content. Everyone have the right to use such words like
    "software development", "reasonable price" etc. If they have a complete
    sentence or para then only you can complaint
    On Friday, March 29, 2013 12:28:09 PM UTC+5:30, AMLAN MAITI wrote:


    Vineesh Palayad <> Apr 11 08:32PM +0530  

    Try Google take down and try dmca complaint.
    All the best.


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