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    joe mullinax <jmullinax@gmail.com> Apr 12 10:45AM -0500  

    us domains do work well in the SE I have them and they do just fine not
    sure were you got that from. Looking at the site it is not a USA based site
    .us is for United States try getting one in your own country domain. There
    is the problem not because it ends in .us.
    On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 8:29 AM, Google Expert Michael Wilson <


    michael wilson <mikewilsonseo@gmail.com> Apr 15 06:06PM -0400  

    Im sorry but i am one of the top 5 Google experts in the world, I founded
    this group almost 10 years ago.. trust me when i answer someone its the
    right answer ,,,,, happy Googling
    Michael Wilson
    Google seo group Founder
    Best regards,
    Michael Wilson
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    Craig Elie <craig.elie@gmail.com> Apr 12 03:57PM -0400  

    I would not shut down the old url. I would 301 redirect. It will help
    with seo as well as help get your domain indexed.


    Jay Bale <jay@jaybale.com> Apr 15 10:58AM -0400  

    I think in many cases everyone is right. It is about getting the duplicate
    content off.
    In most cases a 301 is the best option when letting a site down to replace
    another. In issues such as duplicate content, parking the domain or killing
    all the content seems to work faster in concern to how long the algorithm
    will wait to re index the situation completely.
    Either way will work just fine.
    Jay Bale
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    Diego Segura <dieguezz@gmail.com> Apr 15 01:21AM -0700  

    i am doing a new website, its been about 3 since Google starting indexing
    it. I use a 301 redirect so main domain is www.weedgrowshop.es
    Maybe i made a mistake adding both domains in webmaster tools. When i check
    indexed url status i see that the weedgrowshop.es has much more url's than
    isn't this weird? Maybe Google needs more time to index my site correctly?
    i think robots.txt is correct.


    Diego Segura <dieguezz@gmail.com> Apr 15 01:26AM -0700  

    i am using a disclaimer as landing page on main domain because i got a grow
    shop and my country law asks me to do so.
    My question is: can this affect SEO? my website is on www.xxxx.es/tienda
    and landing with disclaimer on www.xxx.es


    Diego Segura <dieguezz@gmail.com> Apr 15 02:15AM -0700  

    maybe it's too obvious but, did u sign out of your google account?
    you can try use anonymous browsing on Google Chrome and see what you get.
    Good luck
    El lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2012 08:50:38 UTC+2, AMLAN MAITI escribió:


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