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    Jay Bale <> Apr 16 09:39AM -0400  

    I agree with Michael.
    Without Question He is the top optimizer in his country of Canada. So I
    would place him top 5. He is right as well.
    The algorithm does take into account the extension type tied into
    geography. I think I best explain a little history about extensions, some
    things Micheal and myself had to go through.
    About 5-7 years back, Google had a massive amount of trademark complaints
    against registered Companies that were using a .com extension but had a
    parasite company using the .net or .biz. etc. etc.
    If the URL had the company trademarked name in it, the parasite URL could
    be shut down due to trademark infringement. Google got caught in the middle
    of all this, yet had nothing to do with it. They moved quickly to diminish
    the value of almost every URL in the non .com form. Some just a little
    others a lot.
    Google made other adjustments to URL's along the way too. The .US extension
    and the .US.COM sub-domain extension created many of these issues. Rest
    assured different extensions work better in different Geo locations.
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    Craig Elie <> Apr 16 09:45AM -0400  

    Somewhat true from my knowledge...from what I have learned. The country
    extensions just need to be hosted in that country. It is an optimization
    technique for that geo location. So .us isn't bad per se, it just
    optimizes better for queries in the US, if you have a US based business and
    the website is hosted in the US. Same goes for extensions, etc...


    michael wilson <> Apr 16 07:16PM -0400  

    well said Jay!
    to add... its basically .us domains were ignored in the algo long ago....
    a us company used .com and that was it ,,,,, .com was American as fare as
    they cared..... sorta speak and the world went along so. why is
    google.comthe us search and google,ca Canada and united kingdom..... get it.... politics i guess..... anyway the
    .us domains and spending money to seo them is a waist.
    thats were you need to learn from someone thats been there since the
    content is king!!!!
    Best regards,
    Michael Wilson
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