Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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    Patrick D'Souza <patrick.dsouza@gmail.com> Apr 06 08:55AM -0700  

    We recently stopped receiving EARNINGS data for AFC HOST content via the
    Adsense API. The TOTAL_EARNINGS metric continues to report data. Has
    something changed in the Adsense API that would stop reporting the EARNINGS
    numbers for an AFC HOST?
    Patrick D'Souza
    Developer, About.com


    Slava Kaushan <slava@kaushan.com> Apr 05 12:41PM -0700  

    Hello guys!
    Just finished last touches for iphone app to track adsense earnings almost
    in real time (here is short overview of
    it http://stanfy.com/projects/adsenser/)
    But figured out that my developer profile has 10k requests limit.
    Does it mean that we will have this 10k limits for all app users in total ?
    Or when user logged in with his/her login in app everyone will have 10k
    limit ?
    Kind of key question to define to die or live for this app
    Please help to figure out how what is that.
    Thank you very much!


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