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    rajesh kumar <> Apr 25 05:15AM -0700  

    Yes,Its effect on your SEO ranking. Website gained the trust of google .

    UTC+5:30, Diego Segura wrote:


    Jason Gray <> Apr 25 10:42AM -0700  

    I've been trying to get a clear picture on this but haven't had any luck
    The situation I'm currently dealing with is one of our brand uses a keyword
    domain name. The site was created by a different company and they set the
    main section of our site to fall under a path that uses that keyword again.
    So the paths look like{uri-to-other-pages}
    Then there are other pages that are like:{some other
    I feel like they somehow had it in their head that the more times they
    could put that one keyword in the url path that it would somehow magically
    make the site rank better for that keyword.
    I'm thinking that is just ridiculous but before I go through the trouble of
    changing the paths and setting up the redirects, how useful or pointless is
    doing that?

  Apr 26 01:12AM -0700  

    Hello All,
    I work for a start-up called Lumos Learning & we develop supplementary
    learning resources for children in elementary & middle school. Our target
    audience is more than a million people. We have been doing everything
    people advice small business to do, like SEO, SEM, Ads, Social Media
    Marketing, etc. & we have had some rewards. But it's still not enough. We
    are only getting about 500-600 visitors a day. We really want that to be
    somewhere around the 10000 mark. What else can we do to improve our
    visibility & increase our traffic. It would be really helpful if you guys
    can make a few suggestions. Please contact me if you need any further


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