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    Matteo Giampaolo <> Oct 22 09:26AM -0700  

    Hi Jose
    but refresh token last "only" 3600 sec...isn't it?
    If Yes, how can I manage a "refresh" without human interaction?


    "Jose Alcérreca (AdSense API Team)" <> Oct 22 09:33AM -0700  

    Hi Matteo,
    Don't worry, the client libraries handle that for you. They will use your
    stored refresh token (that doesn't expire) to get a new access token (that
    expires in less than an hour).
    Jose Alcérreca
    Developer Relations
    Google UK Limited
    Registered Office: Belgrave House, 76 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W
    Registered in England Number: 3977902
    On Tuesday, 22 October 2013 17:26:51 UTC+1, Matteo Giampaolo wrote:


    Matteo Giampaolo <> Oct 22 09:54AM -0700  

    I'm still having problem with client library....
    I though It could be possible managing in different way (example by storing
    authorization code and performing request like DFP API does...)
    here response I get from index.php (/google-api-php-client/examples)
    Runtime error: Could not json decode the token
    #0 /dati/google-api-php-client/src/Google_Client.php(172):
    #1 /dati/google-api-php-client/examples/adsense/AdSenseAuth.php(86):
    #2 /dati/google-api-php-client/examples/adsense/index.php(52):
    Sqlite seems could create DB (I find a examples.sqlite file in the
    Is there a Deatailed guide on how to use/works example ?


    Matteo Giampaolo <> Oct 22 10:33AM -0700  

    I've read several time the PHP instruction but there's no issue (only
    dowload files....)
    I've also tried creating DB (examples.sqlite and table auth) but then I get
    different errors
    Runtime error: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 26 file is encrypted or is
    not a database
    #0 /dati/google-api-php-client/examples/adsense/AdSenseAuth.php(137):
    PDO->prepare('SELECT token FR...')
    #1 /dati/google-api-php-client/examples/adsense/AdSenseAuth.php(75):
    #2 /dati/google-api-php-client/examples/adsense/index.php(52):
    is there any other action I've to perform (other than download library and
    create sqlite DB)?
    in the meanwhile I try to adrees adsense API with a "manually managed


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