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    "Đức Trần Ngọc" <> Oct 15 10:39PM +0700
    any suggestion? I need to SEO this site.
    no content, just oly homepage.
    2013/10/10 Peter Goodwin Springtide Associates LTD <>


    Google Expert Michael Wilson <> Oct 17 05:13PM -0400  

    I must say i liked
    even the music was nice.... maybe add water....
    youll need to research phrases using Google keyword tool and build up
    categories and content is king. remember title description H1 writing and
    H2 and more content. focus on 1 phrase per page. make it with the visitor
    expierience the most important thing. write unique content. id get this
    out there socially. read up on google guidlineses just to be sure you dont
    do something wrong.
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    Amit Sharma <> Oct 16 02:34AM -0700  

    Is you are doing any changes in keywords ?


    BR David <> Oct 15 10:56PM +0530  

    Yeah, here is same situation, my rank also down..looking for better
    technique to recover..
    BR. David
    Marketing Manager
    C: 909.009.9199


    "Peter Goodwin (Springtide Associates LTD)" <> Oct 15 08:09PM +0100  

    Keyword Cheshire Web Design, Congleton Web Design
    Are the two main areas of concern
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    Tomer Gal <> Oct 16 02:31PM -0700  

    First I'd like to say that I'm no SEO expert and I have a little knowledge
    in anything regard it.
    My website - was the 4th result for the search
    term "online alarm clock" (in any country and language I checked - mostly
    english) and other keywords
    but for a week now it's went directly to the second page!
    I didn't touch the website for more than a year (I don't really need to
    change it, as it's only give free service to people who enter)
    In my Webmaster Tools it tells me that my website is having "Big traffic
    change for top URL" , but no message or e-mail was given of any penalty
    what so ever.
    Yes, I've heard that google changed something in their algorithm a week ago
    but the current situation doesn't even make sense to me,
    websites ranked way below me went to be first results while I got to the
    second page, I was the 4th or 5th result for search term "online alarm
    clock" for years,
    and now I got way below while one of the new top sites doesn't even have a
    homepage (I got a 404 page) and another is a just a flash (.flv) file - as
    I said, I'm really novice to SEO but this really doesn't make sense to me.
    I'm really frustrated. I hope someone can help me.
    Thank you


    Kyle Postlewait <> Oct 16 11:01PM -0700  

    I manhandle the website and SEO for a hotel in Japan which is way too
    stuffy to let me get much of anything done.
    In -general-, people/companies in Japan are way behind on their
    understanding of the web/SEO/computers, and I'm kind of out in the country
    so it's even worse.
    I get calls from "SEO" companies and web-site construction companies and
    all sorts of sharks almost weekly, and I just wanted to finally ask the
    question out loud and make it clear to myself.
    Making a program to auto-click links is both in violation of Google rules,
    and really wouldn't do much anyway. Right?
    This company has been bugging me for a while to the point they're trying to
    come next week and present their goods for me, so I told em to call back
    tomorrow so I can research and then tell em off. The lady on the phone
    after I badgered her for a while ended up telling me it's a CD that you put
    in your computer that will automatically up page rank, and that a new CD
    will come every two weeks. Auto-click spamming is all I can think of....
    and I have no idea how they plan to hide behind an hour long presentation,
    but I am not interested in listening to it XD
    In truth I think they should all just be arrested, but maybe I'm just
    bitter after dealing with manual actions and what not from other people
    messing with stuff clearly labelled as bad practice. I supposed Yahoo cares
    less about all of this, and Japan loves their Yahoo, but I love my Google
    and I'm not interested in hurting my page rank in Google AND spending money
    on it, just for some auto-clicks from the same IP. There's no way I'm
    giving them money I just want the know-how to finally tell them why they
    need to stop calling me.
    Thanks for any input.


    Bruce Dishongh <> Oct 17 10:20AM -0700  

    I have a very new site,, that Google began
    indexing on or about 5-26-2013. Webmaster Tools now shows that Google has
    indexed more than 4,600 pages out of more than 5,100 pages currently on the
    site. So far so good, at least in my mind. However, 4 days ago, Search
    Queries in Webmaster Tools fell from an average of 700-800 per day, with a
    few peaks of more than 1,000 per day, to 10! Certainly this cannot be
    good...and I assume that it has to be in response to something that I have
    done wrong recently.
    Since I am actually developing the code for the site, I keep notes on what
    I changed and when. I deploy code updates to the site almost daily, but
    what I don't know is what day did I seemingly "offend" Google? Can I assume
    that the day of the drop is the day that some change I made caused the
    issue? Or is there likely a delay from Google that I have to account for?
    Google is still indexing the site as Webmaster Tools continues to show
    pages being added to the index. Until 4 days ago, the site was showing
    gradual but steady progress, now my only traffic is from AdWords or
    directs. Webmaster Tools currently shows 92 duplicate meta descriptions and
    4 duplicate title tags. I resolved all of these yesterday morning. Were
    these the likely cause?
    Any ideas on where I might start looking for issues would be appreciated.
    Criticisms are certainly welcome, whatever it takes, I just want to get the
    site back on track.


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