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    "" <> Oct 07 10:35AM -0700  

    Hey everyone!
    I have a site that took a huge dive at the beginning of the year and its
    been so hard to recover. Still have some rankings but its been a chore to
    keep them.
    any feedback would be great!

    Keyword: orange county landscape design, orange county landscape
    thanks everyone


    Google Expert Michael Wilson <> Oct 11 08:10AM -0400  

    Can I be honest?
    The site reads for Googlebot or for visitors?
    all i see is key word pages.....
    i see this kinda thing all day long....
    <title>Orange County Masonry | Orange County Stonework - Orange
    County Landscape Design</title><meta name='description'
    content='Millennium Construction a Professional Stonework &amp;
    Masonry Specialist is a best leading company serving all of Orange
    County. We support Newport Beach, San Clemente, Yorba Linda, Rancho
    Santa Margarita, Laguna Niguel, Los Angeles, Irvine, Southern Califor'
    you dont need orange county 3 times in the title... see were im going?
    local pages are very good but repeating the phrase over and over wont score y
    ou Google points.
    focus mor
    e on pages for the visit
    or. example is over 50 pages of content.. i
    haven't even added photos and shopping yet
    Im being gentle... my buddy GogleBot does not like it when it sees a
    site focused on him. He likes it when the visitors needs addressed
    I hope that helps.
    On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 1:35

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    Nishitha KM <> Oct 10 03:58AM -0700  

    my keyword rankings suddenly decreased,i need the exact me


    Jay Bale <> Oct 10 10:32AM -0400  

    What is the site and keyword?
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    Anjali <> Oct 10 06:59AM -0700  

    Dear Friends,
    my website is and it was getting Ist page position in google on
    keyword "mlm software india" but one website has fully
    copied my content,design and images.
    my website is getting position on Ist page on keyword "mlm software" .
    Now google is showing that new website on Ist Page and my website is
    removed totally from all 1000 results.
    So I think it's an error in google search engine or something else...
    question: if one website is same as previous and It can harm the Ist then
    anybody can harm any website by coping it's competetors website.
    2. If someone has copied all website of mine then It should come under 1000
    rank but it is fully removed from the search.
    Please help me if someone have any idea about this


    seo reviewer <> Oct 10 06:28AM -0700  

    I want to know about the permanent solution for penguin recovery. My
    website was ranking well in Google but penguin update in may gave me some
    loss for rankings of my website. But I solve all onpage issues and links as
    well and got ranking after a few months, but now again my site got
    penalized in latest penguin update. Keywords those were on 1st page of
    Google now rank in 3rd or 4th page. So SEO experts, please analyse my
    website and tell me reason of penaly and give me some perfect solution for
    my webstie. My website url is:


    Cherian Manjaly <> Oct 10 06:08AM -0700  

    Hi, i have a travel planning business that is based in India (Kerala). The
    focus is inbound travelers from UK to Kerala. So, I have to optimize my
    website which is based in India for UK. The site has all Kerala contents.
    What should I do to optimize it for UK, sitting from India?
    Thanks in advance.


    niranjan <> Oct 07 09:43PM -0700  

    Hi Guys,
    my site is
    Daily Visitors 2000, But suddenly last month decrease traffic daily 500 why.
    how to reach in dialy 2000 visitors please suggest me


    Tuanua Degage <> Oct 07 07:31AM -1000  

    That is so true
    2013/10/1 Coryon Redd <>


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