Thursday, October 24, 2013

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    Fernando Basso <> Oct 22 06:20AM -0700  

    We had some websites that were on the first page of the results. After
    reading and watching tons of official google videos and docs, we learned
    that we were doing too much keyword stuffing in our titles. We then decided
    to have more specific titles, no keyword stuffing, but just using one or
    two keywords very specific for each page. A moth later those websites were
    no longer on the first page. We lost 30% of page visits.
    Also, we completely removed the meta keywords tags, but I don't believe
    that would make any difference.
    I hope someone can give me any hints.
    Thanks in advance.


    Google Expert Michael Wilson <> Oct 23 04:43PM -0400  

    I can tell you that it's probably not related to the fixing titles. If you did the right thing then it's fixed. There are many other factors involved. Can we see the sites please and we may be able to help.
    Michael Wilson
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