Monday, February 13, 2012

USA - Free Cell Phone Service - Needed

. . .the playing field is WIDE OPEN!


Eliminate your phone bills and earn
huge bonuses for the people you and
your team refer…

Life Mobile / Choose Your Carrier
$49 per month NO TAXES x 24 with no contract
Equals $1200 with NO ACTIVATION FEE

Typical Service Provider:
$90 per month x 15% taxes x 24 months contract
Equals $2472 plus $35 Activation fee
Most plans are not unlimited.

Why Choose LifeMobile:
Can you use the phone you have? YES
Can you port your number? Yes
NO Contract or Credit Check
Many people are opting to use pre-paid phones
Choose from numerous providers with LifeMobile

Bonuses for being a LifeMobile Business Builder
Fast Start bonus: * Freedom bonus
Team bonus * Leadership bonus

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