Saturday, February 18, 2012

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    WebJinks <> Feb 18 02:33PM -0800  

    If you have made a template or converted an existing website to a CMS,
    please post it here with your experience and rating.
    I am looking for a CMS with the easiest and most unrestricted template
    I need to offer some of clients more edit-ability and control over
    their content.
    I prefer when template systems are based mostly on template tags where
    you can easily covert an existing HTML / CSS design to a template or
    The editor doesn't need to be anything special and prefer dummy-proof
    over advanced capabilities.
    I also prefer a CMS that has a strong community and busy forum.
    Add-ons are always a plus!!!
    I will post my experiences separate and am anxious to see what people


    WebJinks <> Feb 18 02:47PM -0800  

    I have created a few Joomla templates and quit offering this service
    after the 3rd one.
    The design would take 6-8 hours but creating the template would take
    In my opinion, Joomla has the hardest template system that I know of,
    hats off to people that primarily do it.
    My Rating (1 = terrible, 5 = excellent):
    End Product: 5
    Difficulty: 1
    Length of Time: 1


    WebJinks <> Feb 18 03:02PM -0800  

    I used to make car dealer websites based off a real estate script
    called open-realty.
    In my opinion, this is the most flexible directory scripts I have
    The template system is kick ass too!!!
    It's based on template tags and takes about 20 minutes to learn the
    entire process.
    The documentation is very extensive but the forums used to be about
    medium activity with a lot of unanswered posts.
    This was years ago so I can't comment on the forum today.
    My Rating: (1-5)
    End Product: 5 - Awesome
    Difficulty: 5 - Even for beginners
    Length of Time: 5 - Quick and Easy
    Add-ons: 2 - Not many and nothing too great
    Community: 3 - Good documentation and ok forums
    Editability: 3 - Standard editor and has front-end editability


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