Monday, February 13, 2012

Toxins are in our Water, Air and Food.

Introducing D-Lite3 with MAP3Z™ Launching Soon
By Invitation Only
We live in a very toxic world, filled with many harmful compounds that
come from both natural and man-made sources that make it difficult to
live a healthy lifestyle. Heavy metals are among the most prevalent of
these toxins that can have such a negative impact on our health and
reduce our overall well-being. D-Lite-3 is formulated with all natural
ingredients that also cause light effervescence, a property clinically
shown to improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals. AND it makes
a sparkling and refreshing liquid supplement D-Lite3 Removes...
Heavy Metals (Mercury, Cadmium, Lead)*
Volatile Organic Compounds (formaldehyde)*
Harmful Chemicals*
Toxins and Free Radicals*

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