Friday, February 10, 2012

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    ankur rastogi <> Feb 09 09:29AM -0800  

    hey friends I am developing a site for talented people,
    please share your views and suggestions on
    I thought this will be a better platform to get suggestions


    Artist <> Feb 08 11:23PM -0600  

    I would have hoped that my upgrade to FF 10.0 would have helped, but it
    hasn't. Certain websites that use external CSS documents sometimes don't
    load the styles, such as and others. It is still hit or miss,
    but reloading the page doesn't help at all. Although 10.0 seems to work a
    little better, it still faulters. I am gradually moving over to Chrome,
    though. But of course I have lots of passwords configured in the FF
    I do like the Chrome interface better, though. I am always looking for the
    reload button in FF, and it is irritating that I can *NOT* get used to
    where they put it in FF and IE (in the right of the address bar).
    So, I suppose I'll be better off in Chrome anyway, that's what I use on My
    smartphone, anyway. Mozilla has dropped the ball and drastically
    increasing the version numbers are absolutely pathetic attempts of creating
    some controversary.


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