Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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    umiwangu <> Feb 13 09:22PM -0800  

    Hey Aaron,
    Thanks for the response. I think I may have figured it out. It's
    working to one of the email addresses on the domain, but I'm not sure
    it's working for the one it should go to.
    I might just send it to you directly, if it's still not working by


    umiwangu <> Feb 14 07:40AM -0800  

    Man... I finally isolated the problem. On some of the emails I had
    "PayPal" as part of the "From:" header. Like this:
    $more_headers = 'From: ORG PayPal payment notification
    <>' . "\r\n";
    When I removed the word "PayPal", the emails would go through ok. This
    was particularly frustrating because the emails would go through fine
    to Gmail.
    Spammers. They'll get us one way or the other!


    Artist <> Feb 14 01:55PM -0600  

    LOL... Wow, I hear ya! Glad you got it solved.


    chris walker <> Feb 14 06:52PM +0800  

    Thanks Joni, there are so many ways to skin a cat.


    chris walker <> Feb 14 06:51PM +0800  

    I guess it is a personal preference for me that I do not like the divs
    stacking. Html5 bolierplate for mobile is a good example, but I would
    rather have navigation that is designed for the short attention span of
    mobile users. I believe that a mobile site should be an abbreviated version
    of the main site and just have the important information on it because that
    is the psychology of the demographic.
    I guess what I am trying to get at is that multi-columns look good on
    desktop, laptop, and to some extent on the tablets, however it is not a
    good user experience for the 320px format. Some developers are beginning to
    embrace the idea of building for 320 and up and using media queries to add
    features to larger formats rather than taking away features
    to accommodate small screen sizes.
    My mobile sites I am creating are built for 320 px, however if you want to
    view it on your desktop, it will display nicely "as is".
    If you add another CSS file in the media queries, you are in fact
    designing another site to accommodate different platforms and just using
    the content from the main site, right? After all, the CSS really controls
    what the site looks like more than any other aspect.
    My site is a perfect example of a site that does not look good on your
    iPhone (the defacto standard due to the godliness of the late, great one),
    however it looks good on my Galaxy mini running android (which actually has
    a larger market share now). The header and footer do not show up because I
    have not put anything in the mobile header and footer widget positions as
    of yet, however that is coming soon. I am going to design a horizontal
    layout of the footer widgets for the mobile version.
    I have tested the site using my Galaxy mini and I can actually upload
    photos from the gallery or the camera into the form and order a site from
    my mobile phone although it is a cumbersome process to type all of the
    information with the touch screen. I would not recommend it. It is just
    easier on a desktop or laptop.
    Thanks for taking the time to view the site and give your impressions. It
    makes me think and improve. That is the reason I wanted to show it to you
    all on this list as it is a graat resource.


    Binaek Sarkar <> Feb 14 02:46PM +0530  

    While developing a website CMS for a client, a sudden requirement came up
    that he wants to add and remove email addresses as and when he pleases.
    Since access to the CPanel is too much to expect, I wanted to do it away
    with Google Apps. But as it turns out, this guy hooked with a Hosting
    Provider who do not allow you to change the MX records. Therefore the only
    way out is to write a script which lists the email addresses and lets him
    do it.
    Using CPanel XMLAPI, this seemed pretty straightforward, but as it always
    happens with all of us, I have come up against a speed bump (much like the
    one which puts a scratch under the hood of your car and makes you say *
    This thing is up for delivery in five hours and I am still stuck on this.
    The code with the explanation is given below...
    $ip = '<NOT SHOWN>';
    $account_pass = '<NOT SHOWN>'; // cpanel password
    $account = '<NOT SHOWN>'; // cpanel username
    $xmlapi = new xmlapi($ip);
    $xmlapi->password_auth($account, $account_pass);
    $xmlapi->set_debug(1); // uncomment for debugging
    $response->write("Getting POP addresses");
    $response->write($xmlapi->api2_query($account, 'Email', 'listpops'));
    When I run this script, it does not return the POP email addresses on the
    However, when I turn on *Debug Mode* the *error_log* file shows that the
    transaction took place properly and the data has been written there. But
    when I do a normal output, it does not show anything...
    I do not understand why. Went through the XMLAPI class and it does not show
    anything out of the ordinary and that I should have gotten the output.
    Any insights???
    Binaek Sarkar


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