Saturday, February 11, 2012


The Work-at-Home-Jobs You Will Be Performing

We will explain in detail the work-at-home jobs we provide all of our
members. We offer many different types of jobs you can perform from
home. We have (10) TEN different job programs that we provide to each
member. Included is complete training, resources,tools and needed
software to complete the job task for each program. Everything is
provided and nothing EVER has to be purchased once you are a member.
We have over 30,000 companies that outsource different types of work.
We collect all the needed information from the companies and pass it
along to our members. We will explain how and what the companies
expect, and how you will be paid for each job task you perform.
Because we offer ten different work-at-home jobs, you will be sure to
find a job that you will like and meets your standards.
Here are the ten work-at-home job programs we offer:
Online Data-Entry Clerk Global Data Operator
Web Research Assistant Content Article Typist
General Audio Transcriber Credit Card Application Processor
Product Evaluator and Auditor Marketing Typist
Virtual Home Secretarial Web Proofreader and Editor

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