Friday, February 10, 2012

Get $10 free for sign in

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- Get $10 free for sign up in JSSTripler (one sub programme of justbeenpaid)


- Use that $10 free gift for buy 1 position in JSSTripler, Get paid a solid 2% every day just like a bank for 75 days! 


- You can compound your earnings to increase your daily income!

- Positions mature after 75 days having paid you $15(150%) back.

- Every 4 positions that mature, you get 1 free position in JSS, this pays you a further $60 when it cycles.

- 2 Levels of referral commissions if you do refer, 10% and 5%. (if you want to earn more)

- Payouts daily. All paid within 36 hours of request.

- IT only takes $10 Dollars, JUST $10 PER POSITION - Up to 200 positions per day allowed.

Highly trusted, infinatly sustainable system!

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