Thursday, February 2, 2012

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    Jud <> Feb 02 08:38AM -0800  

    I read an article on partner portals (what I used to call extranets)
    that talked about the poor adoption rate of such microsites. The
    problem: there is so much information that the site is a jumble of
    data. Users eventually abandon the site because they cannot find what
    they need and just call their rep.
    The writer proposed that partner portals need to be more like
    Flipboard, enabling each user to specifically determine what and how
    information should appear (ignoring all the rest).
    Flipboard, for those who don't know, if a publishing concept which
    lets you build your own magazine from your web-based content
    (Facebook, Mashable, Slate, Twitter, etc.) and presents it
    beautifully. I understand that Google Currents has a similar product.
    iGoogle kind of lets you customize content it is not near as slick as
    I thought the article was brilliant and I see implications for a look
    of web content.
    Are there tools that would let someone build up a web experience like
    this? The challenge is to take a page that I frequently visit and
    enable me to customize the look, feel, and content in a way that it is
    all mine.


    chris walker <> Feb 03 12:55AM +0800  

    Without reinventing the wheel, you could use something along the lines of
    Joomla with Jomsocial which allows users to customize what is posted on
    their profile page such as rss feeds from sites you want to subscribe to.
    Being a private social network it would also allow the users to interact
    with each other. Just a thought


    Nikoloz Burchuladze <> Feb 02 09:57PM +0300  

    Hi guys again.
    I made youngsters TV show design, it's intellectuals game for school age
    persons. show bosses said, they want something more custom, not expressive.
    i am stick, it's hard to change way of thinking)


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