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    Waqas Cheema <> Mar 19 07:12AM -0700  

    i like to know how google give points for a like
    for example if google give 5 points for .com backlink then how much google
    will give points for .edu and .gov backlinks


    Liam Kenneth <> Mar 20 07:12PM  

    you dont get points. and links do count but site content
    out weighs backlinks.
    On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 2:12 PM, Waqas Cheema


    danny <> Mar 20 03:19PM -0400  

    .edu and .govs are powerful, their is no point system, but what i can tell
    you is that if the .edu or gov is under PR 3 it might be worthless. Only
    pr3 and up is what you should be concerned about.
    On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 10:12 AM, Waqas Cheema <


    Liam Kenneth <> Mar 21 08:39AM  

    Look at my site: 4 backlinks in totally but shows 2nd
    for Skyrim blog yes its in the url but its the onsite SEO that got it there.


    niranjan <> Mar 20 08:30PM -0700  

    hi guys
    hai my site tollywood movie news portal last year january alexa rank
    21000, but today alexa rank 13000
    how to increase alexa rank iam already done for social bookmarking, dir
    submission and all seo work
    how to get 5000 alexa rank in short span time please help me


    danny <> Mar 14 02:55PM -0400  

    Wrong, dont listen to this guy, you will not lose your ranking PR in any
    way shape or form, matter fact you can put up that 1 page and see your
    rank, I would tell you if it would grow however, keep content on it or a
    strong backlink pointing towards the website. 1 edu pr 3 or above will
    maintain all your keywords at number 1. If you competitor has
    2.edubacklinks, get3 .edus to push the competitor below your website.
    if you
    need .edu backlinks send me a messegae, Im sure we can have your home page
    where it belongsa, as far as 301's they arnt that efficient to google, in
    fact google hate redirection, ask anybody here. But google will tolerate
    it, but with its own hidden agenda that we will never know.


    Wallaby <> Mar 20 11:46AM -0700  

    Thanks everyone for your replies.
    This is what I have done to get out of doo doo. I added ErrorDocument
    404 /index.php to .htaccess
    What that does is points all bad url to the home page. This got rid of
    all 404 errors but it does not help with permanent redirects.
    I want to do a bit more.
    The old url and the new url are completely different because of
    different databases. I have no access to the old server because the
    host reseller did a runner :) Any suggestion of accessing the old host
    server is out of the question.
    Because the url's are different, I cannot do a straight rewrite rule
    so I need to be a bit more creative but am having syntax problems.
    The site is jewelry and categorized as necklace, bracelet, earings
    I am looking for a way to take any file that has one of those category
    names in the url and redirect it to a specific url. For instance, an
    old url with the word "earring" in it would redirect to http://myurl/earrings.php
    What I have tried is,
    Redirect ^.*(earrings).* $ http://myurl/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=103_104
    What this SHOULD do, is collect all characters then the word earrings
    then any other characters and send them to a category list for
    earrings. The problem here is that it wants rewrite those characters
    into the new url.
    I want to discard those characters and only use the word earrings.
    Anyone got good htaccess knowledge?
    thanks for your help


    Coryon Redd <> Mar 20 12:20PM -0700  

    Please tell me more about your edu back links. I have several link
    building clients that could benefit.


    danny <> Mar 20 03:41PM -0400  

    .htacess is realy eay to do, just read on it and try doing simple 301's
    302's for fun just to see if you can do it. .htaccess is very easy and is
    what controls google bot for you and tells it what to do


    danny <> Mar 20 04:55PM -0400  

    search for this on google. Drop my link ..... and start looking for .edus
    to leave a comment backlink to however, look very hard and you will find a
    way to create the .edus | you just need to learn how to search for it


    Daniel <> Mar 20 02:53PM -0700  

    You should always try to build your own sites. Using other people's
    databases and logic gets you into situations where you have no control.
    I know little about Linux but when you redirect to the home page your
    should log the referring URL so you can make a 301 redirect for that
    specific URL. Are you using 301 or 302 to redirect to the home page?


    SEO-Noob <> Mar 16 01:18AM -0700  

    Hello All,
    I'm badly stuck in a dilemma and unable to come to a decision.
    Here is the problem. I have two domains based on the same niche and targets
    the same keywords as well, say and are to two
    domains. Site1 is an older domain with lots of backlinks build across the
    pages but ranks low for certain generic keywords in, whereas comparatively has much fewer backlinks, has a very low exposure
    over the web, but the keywords are doing great in SERPs.
    So, I was thinking of forwarding/ setting a 301 redirect for the domain
    ( to the relevant product pages of My question here
    is, would the top ranking keywords for pass over benefits to in the longer/shorter run ? Would redirecting the pages of that are ranking high in SERPs still retain those positions ?
    Note: - The two domain names are entirely different.
    - is more important to me since its now an established brand.
    I need to take a decision by Monday morning and give directions based on
    it. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


    danny <> Mar 20 03:51PM -0400  

    Mybe, maybe not depending on the age of the domain before it last aloritgh
    changes. Google dosnt like any kind of redirection and for further
    Let me ask you this, if you were to make 5 article website, put in your
    keywords within the context of the content pointing to your doamin, google
    will favor you more than a 301.
    Now when to link them together is my secert that I wont say here on google.
    All I can say is that the older the domain the better it is. Also dont
    think that by giving your domain years google will favor you more, its
    true, but again age the domains, marinate them to google and google will
    indeed show you love, traffic love


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