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    Daniel <> Mar 05 02:28PM -0800  

    Oh I didn't know you were a pro web designer. And I didn't know that web
    designers are seo experts. And I didn't know that every pro is the bestbin
    the world.
    If you've been working for 15 years and only have 15000 pages up you must
    be really slow. I just put up 3500 pages in a month. Since this isn't a
    pissing contest you are wrong and spam is spam unless it comes in a can
    than it us ham. You are in a public forum boasting about how you game the
    system and you say you are a professional.
    You can have as many sites as you want but if you use 301 for anything
    other than a page or site that has moved and a honest reason, or a redirect
    from a mistype or conaical rule enforcement you are low class if you are
    using it to spam the results pages.


    danny <> Mar 06 11:41AM -0500  

    3500 pages of crap


    iamdave <> Mar 05 01:24PM -0800  

    I have had e-commerce for about 15 years on a particular product. I
    outgrew a few e-commerce solutions during that time. The one I am on
    now is nice but the rate has went up over 50$ and my renew is next
    March and I will not be staying with them.
    Last year I made a secondary site using magento that I hoped to see it
    work and then knew if it did I could switch to it with magento.
    Problem is my sales were terrible. Same products, same meta tags etc.
    but no sales. Very disappointing. So a person suggested that since the
    secondary site was a new url I wasn't getting the hits I would have
    gotten if I had used my original url and moved the magento store to
    it. Does that make sense? My fear of that is if I switch to magento
    with the original url and it still doesn't work I have no backup
    option and my sales stink and I have no income.
    Another option is I have a url I made 15 years ago with static html
    pages that have items pointing to my current sites items. I could try
    magento on that url to see if the age of the url thing has an impact
    on sales.
    So to wrap up I have several options and I need to take the most
    logical one and am asking your input.
    url #1was my very first url and is about 15 years old and currently
    has static pages on it pointing to my current site (url #2) e-commerce
    url #2 I've used for internet sales income the past 9 years but the
    current shopping cart is to expensive. using
    url #3 is a site about 1 - 2 yrs old that I installed a magento store
    on with the very same items url 2 has and was a test to see if a
    magento store would produce sales and let me abandon the continuing
    price increases of url #2's e-commerce site.
    Options I see:
    Option #1 Do I try magento on url #1 as it wasn't working on url #3
    since url #1 is much older?
    Option #2 Do I push all the chips in and move magento to url #2 and
    assume it will work? (problem is I'd have no incoming sales from the
    net if this doesn't work)
    Option #3 is try a different e-commerce solution altogether like
    enterprise on #3, move magento to #2 and have yet another option in
    the fire. Problem is for me is running 3 sites for a year test would
    be a ton of work. But if it needs done than I'd do it.
    What option seems the most logical to you? What I need is sales with
    an affordable e-commerce solution. I have roughly 6k items. Please use
    the poll but more importantly post why you feel this is the best
    action. I sincerely appreciate your input.
    Many thanks for your input.


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