Saturday, March 17, 2012

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    RoLaAus <> Mar 16 11:52AM -0700  

    This is my first major foray into CSS and I'm having a bit of a problem.
    I'm using another person's existing work and making site updates, but am
    having one major problem.
    I have a left side navigation section, that should be in the main content
    div, and I'm wanting a white background, but it shows up transparent, the
    only portion that shows up with a white background ties in with whatever
    text or image is in the content div. So, my left side nav is about 2 to 3
    times longer than the main content and it doesn't get the white background
    for some reason.
    You can see what I'm referring to
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm about to scrap all of the
    existing work and start over, which is what I prefer to do when it isn't
    more trouble than it's worth.


    RoLaAus <> Mar 16 12:59PM -0700  

    I actually have a follow-up. If I change the background property in the
    HTML tag from transparent to white, then when I load up the page it renders
    the background "ribbon" image for only 1/2 of the page, then the rest of it
    shows up white across the entire page, and not just the main content
    (leaving the ~10% border on each side to get the ribbon as I desire it).
    I'm really confused!
    On Friday, March 16, 2012 11:52:10 AM UTC-7, RoLaAus wrote:


    chris walker <> Mar 17 04:08AM +0800  

    All I am seeing is text and your divs are stacked, not nested as you are


    Liam Kenneth <> Mar 16 08:40PM  

    Your site has no styling but what you was describing sounded like floats
    not being cleared


    Joe Kelly <> Mar 16 03:58PM -0700  

    May want to remove <base href="http://localhost/crm/" /> we can't see your


    RoLaAus <> Mar 16 04:58PM -0700  

    Well, thank you for pointing out the base URL. I did a "save as" on my
    webpage hoping it would translate what it needed to, but since I changed
    the base URL, I can now see why others are having problems.
    I tried to correct the references to the base URL, and the CSS and uploaded
    the background image that is not repeating completely like I want, but it
    still doesn't work properly when I FTP everything up to where I am sharing
    it with you guys, so I guess I am stuck with starting from scratch, which I
    was contemplating anyways. I actually started to do just that, and am
    having some luck with it. I got sidetracked on an issue (trying to make a
    change to the existing, instead of just trying to re-create it as is), but
    otherwise I'm pretty happy with the results, so far.
    Thanks anyways.
    On Friday, March 16, 2012 3:58:10 PM UTC-7, Joe Kelly wrote:


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