Thursday, March 22, 2012

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    Coryon Redd <> Mar 21 09:00AM -0700  

    Thanks. Can you give me an example or two or an article that gets into a bit more detail? I have a variety of clients in different fields so I can focus my chances on the ones with the best fit for edu linking. Some examples could really help me out.
    Coryon Redd


    danny <> Mar 21 12:35PM -0400  

    please let daniel explain. he's on the right track.


    Onlylinux <> Mar 21 11:10PM +0530  

    Dear OP,
    I think you have to sit tight and wait, this happens , I have seen in past
    where Google take bit longer time to index new url's. If you have used 301
    redirects from old domain to new one, every thing will be restored soon.
    One question, did you changed the address at webmaster tools? if not do
    that, this helps a lot. You can complete steps here at Google's support
    center Moving your
    Hope this helps.
    Steve Arun


    Sumit <> Mar 21 03:45PM +0530  

    The more visitors you have towards your site the more improvement you can
    see in alexa, do social networking, make a G+ page and FB page and keep
    updating via Feeds


    Niranjan Reddy <> Mar 21 09:22PM +0530  

    iam already fb page and updating live feeds, please help me my site ..


    danny <> Mar 21 12:43PM -0400  

    dont overdue backlinks and dont always point them directly to the money
    site all the time 5 - 10 backlinks a day got it, the rest point somewhere
    elese. google dosnt favor spam and mass backlinks, trust me they wont
    stick, damn i should work for google :) , let the link have a path many
    paths reaching your money site, google indexing is the key


    danny <> Mar 21 12:40PM -0400  

    Look at your refering sites in CPANEL then check your back links.
    Backliinks that stick are backlinks that are above pr 3 and the website, or
    place this backlink is in must be high iin indexing with google. Again ,if
    the back link is on a page that google barley crawls or suks, you will not
    get the back links... start creating back links your self, self optimize
    those links, marinate the links to be linked, dont link them the same day,
    wait for google index so that they can index your link too


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