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    danny <> Mar 21 05:33PM -0400  

    Well thats true, but wait untill google indexes the website, and sit back
    and relax. Your new URLS if they do not contain the exact permalinks they
    are considered broken. Let Google index your new permas" . If you have
    backlinked your ecommerce site then you should be ok. What i mean here is,
    if your anchor backlink is still pointing to your $ site, then wait again
    for indexing and heres a trick I do when I get 404's. I find all my
    backlinks pnted to my $ site and re ping them every 1-3 days... not every
    day because you might delay Google indexing or piss him off lol Pinging is
    not as crucial as indexing, find a good indexer, and you will see big
    results. I have created my own indexer, but that I will not mention here.


    Daniel <> Mar 21 03:18PM -0700
    I redirect for an honest reason is not a bad thing. Matt Cuts knows more
    than anyone about Google and SEO. He has covered 301 when they are right
    and wrong. 301 redirects are used for many reasons. Good ones are fixing
    caps issues and adding WWW or removing it. They also help for adding
    trailing slashes.
    They are there for a reason. If you need to move a site and to get people
    to the correct page.
    People who think they are experts used to use then to avoid losing page
    rank so Google takes off a small percentage when you do it.
    Doing nothing is stupid and getting fake linkbacks is worse. Be honest and
    write good content. Consider building your own site so you control every
    If you are still having issues Google will likely be looking at you in a
    negative light because they are being set every where.
    If page A matches page B and you do a 301 from A to B why would Google hate
    you? If your page B is nit even close Google is going to think you are
    tricking people and are going to knock you down.
    You need to take care to redirect everypage to the correct new page. Or
    make sure that you are using the same URL as you were before.
    This backlinking is good after. But you need to get your site straight
    first. If you don't let Google know you moved the page then you will lose
    everything and if you move it with a 301 and the referring page is not
    similar to the new page Google is going to wounded why you did it.


    danny <> Mar 21 07:28PM -0400  

    you know since im in a good mood the answer you really are looking for is |
    Google both recognizes upper case and lower case letters in a permalink
    structure. you want to try to do a 301 redirect to those URLS that are
    either uppercase letter structure or mixed. Google 301 redirect, and you
    may learn beyond of what you are looking to achieve. This works, and get to
    work! lol


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