Thursday, March 15, 2012

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    theodore <> Mar 14 01:02PM +0200  

    hi everyone,
    i have a website. On the bottom there is something like a sitemap.
    In this sitemap i added a new link ( to a pdf file ). That new link is
    very important.
    So i want the user when he visits my site to notice it. So i thought
    of putting a gif image
    next to the link that flashes "new" and also to put a sentence at the
    top right corner of the
    page that slides from right to left inside a 300px width box.
    Do you have any other idea of how can i make the user notice the new
    link in a nice and discreet way?
    Any idea would be helpful.
    Thank you.


    Liam Kenneth <> Mar 14 01:39PM  

    Wow that sounds horrible! the marquee tag will give you the scrolling text
    and the blink tag will save you a gif! *blurgh* Sorry I was just sick ;-)
    If you want somebody to notice a link make it a nice bold colour. It's
    called an action button see here:
    Hope that helps you.


    Deb * Digital Mouse Designs <> Mar 14 09:12AM -0500  

    On 3/14/2012 6:02 AM, theodore wrote:
    > Do you have any other idea of how can i make the user notice the new
    > link in a nice and discreet way?
    > Thank you.
    Ahhh, blinking drives me crazy. Very old fashioned and home-made and
    it's common for many designers to steer their clients away from *just
    about* anything that moves or blinks.
    It would be helpful if you'd provide a link to the page. We have no idea
    what it looks like so it's hard to give suggestions without the visual.
    Deb * Digital Mouse Designs


    theodore <> Mar 14 10:21PM +0200  

    Yes you are right. Maybe an action button is something that should
    work. Although the design of the site is not that good still this is a
    good option.
    The site is down these days, there is no link. I am not the one that
    is developing the site so i don't know what is wrong with their
    server(they host it), but he asked me if i had any idea of how to make
    the link noticeable.
    i'll try with the action button. I think i have an idea from the link
    that you provided.
    Thank you.
    On Mar 14, 2012, at 3:39 PM, Liam Kenneth wrote:


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