Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[Inside AdSense] AdSense crawler error redesign

As we explained in a previous post, there are many ways publishers can optimize their site for AdSense. One of the most overlooked is ensuring that our AdSense crawler can accurately crawl your site so that your ads are as relevant and useful as possible.

Today we're making this task easier for you with our latest redesign of the crawler access page which you'll find on the Account Settings page of your AdSense account.

We redesigned the page with three objectives in mind:
  1. Provide accurate and actionable information about your crawler errors.
  2. Organize and display the information in a more readable way.
  3. Provide clear and concise steps to help you fix the errors.

We've accomplished the goals above by:
  • Keeping the information that pertains to you and removing everything else.
  • Incorporating expandable sections so information isn't overbearing and indigestible.
  • Adding a new column which shows how many failed crawl requests occurred over a period of time.  This gives you an idea of the magnitude of the error.
  • Adding a new 'How to fix' column specifically designed to help you solve the error.
This AdSense redesign is merely a first step toward empowering you with the most accurate and relevant information. This in turn allows for better decision making which can lead to more effective AdSense optimizations, and as a result, increased revenue.

Posted by Nurzhan Bakibayev - Software Engineer

Posted By Inside AdSense Team to Inside AdSense at 3/14/2012 08:15:00 AM

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