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    Artist <> Feb 29 11:45AM -0600  

    It's weird going on vacation, trying not to announce to people that your
    house will be vacant. Despite every effort, we somehow still wound-up
    announcing what we were doing to the taxicab driver. My wife automatically
    says, "We are going to Chicago." ...which is a lie too, we only stopped
    there to change planes. How is that any different than announcing where we
    actually wound-up flying to, we are still leaving the house empty. And
    then she asks if I remembered my computer, "Yes," I said, "I packed it in
    my carry-on." and now he knows I am going as well and not simply there to
    see them off.
    Obviously, we tipped him well. Mostly because I used to drive taxis,
    myself. But after thinking about it, that's probably why the best tips
    come from airport runs. Thing is, taxi drivers are not, from personal
    experience driving for 4 different taxi companies and a taxi cab customer
    myself, the most staunch community members. Luckily, honesty and
    trustworthiness has nothing to do with that.


    chris walker <> Mar 01 06:57AM +0800  

    How about next time saying "We are going to Chicago. Unfortunately we can't
    bring our dogs with us. We were lucky enough to find a dog sitter that can
    handle pitbulls and rotweilers.


    Harold Delk <> Feb 29 06:07PM -0500  

    At the mention of those breeds in public Doug's home insurance would surge
    by at least 20% or he'd be dropped with no coverage at all. Just alter the
    story a bit to "I'm going to an island to find a virgin and my friends from
    Cicero and their parole officers will be house-sitting."


    chris walker <> Mar 01 07:26AM +0800  

    How about 'We are going to Chicago. We need to hurry. We ate running late
    because my son's pet python got loose. We finally gave up looking for it. I
    sure hope it does not eat one of my pitbulls or rotweilers whilr we are


    Artist <> Feb 29 08:25AM -0600  

    OK, I am being swamped with spam.
    Here's the funny deal, they are using a webform to send me a mish-mash of
    English that is loaded with .in links that will never be posted or clicked
    on anywhere by anyone.
    I have a secure web form email processor, and its quite good, but it lacks
    a captcha.
    By a "secure form mail" I mean that it kept my email address very secure,
    but obviously I am being attacked by bots. Time to update to a more secure
    form mail system.
    I have been trying to add a captcha to it, but the captcha system I
    employed allows anyone to input anything and still works.
    So, I am unsure which way to go, now. Perhaps I should replace my old
    tried and true form mail processor with something else. Or maybe I can add
    a captcha system that actually works.
    I would prefer adding a javascript based captcha, but is there any security
    concerns with something like that? Afterall, javascript is client based,
    perhaps it would be easier to break? Plus, anyone that is paranoid and
    refusing to run javascript wouldn't be able to contact me. Plus I would
    like it to be accessible and usable to mobile devices.
    I also require that the form allow the uploading of specific types of
    images. And specific other attachments have to be disallowed. That has
    strongly limited my choices in secure form mail processors in the past.
    Anyone with any recommendations for me?
    The secure web form I use now does not appear to work on godaddy servers,
    so I am not opposed to upgrading to something that does work. However,
    most of my contact forms on many of my sites use SSI, so it would be
    easiest for me if I could still use .shtml web pages and use a php
    processor script. But that's not set in stone either, especially if the
    script will function equally well on your basic godaddy hosting as well as
    regular full featured web hosting.
    Doug Peters
    (605) 610-9001 (Google phone) or 1-800-279-2156


    chris walker <> Feb 29 10:49PM +0800  

    I would reccomend Machform. You can make great looking and functioning
    forms check it out at We have been usingthem for
    quite awhile and we like it. Easy to configure, the css is simple to edit
    on a form by form basis and you can make changes to the forms easily
    through the interface. Forms are also mobile friendly. All around great tool


    Artist <> Feb 29 03:55PM -0600  

    Wow, I can't believe how ruthless these guys are. I had to take the web
    based contact form down because otherwise my email boxes will be taken out
    and useless.
    Chris, I went and looked at the recommended resource and didn't think it
    was for me.
    #1> I want to have full control over the HTML. I am not a php coder, but I
    am an HTML coder. It's the script I can't code, not the form.
    #2> $39.00... uffda. That's how much I pay for registering a whole CMS
    with all sorts of features. Heck, I could easily install an open source
    CMS in a contact subdirectory for free just to do that one thing.
    So, I am still looking for a good script to process form mail securely with
    a captcha. As I have taken the contact form down, its getting a little
    more crucial that I find a replacement for the old system since I honestly
    believe the spammer got the address for my website from my signature, and I
    am using that damn old script all over the place.
    I've looked on HotScripts and implemented one that didn't work at all.
    Maybe I'll try another (different) one, but I thought for sure someone
    would have some recommendations or tell me what captcha js drop-in works
    well for them.


    Vasyl Baryshev <> Feb 29 05:02PM -0500  

    Are you using asp or php? I can help you with asp.
    Sent from my wonderful iPhone


    Artist <> Feb 29 04:07PM -0600  

    *Php. *
    Thanks anyways.


    paudie fearon <> Mar 01 11:12AM +1300  

    I have used this script on a number of times:
    Someone on here recommended it, i have also used it on Wordpress sites as I
    was impressed with the stand alone PHP script.
    I use the simple captcha and have gotten no spam through it.
    Plus it has a lot of functionality.
    Might be what you are looking for



    chris walker <> Mar 01 07:17AM +0800  

    I feel for you on these contact forms. I have followed along with countless
    tutorials on the subject without great results. I literally handle hundreds
    of forms and the spammers are a major heafache for me. I do have a good
    spam-resistant form we have had some luck with that I can email to you
    privately that you can just edit to suit your needs. It even has a switch
    to send notification emails to different departments. Just clean up all
    references to us and you can use it
    I need to take the kids to school. I will send it over in about an hour


    Harold Delk <> Feb 29 10:09AM -0500  

    > I didn't want to get back to find my house burglarized or anything, after
    > all.
    So you don't want your stereo and microwave back? We all got together and
    put it up on eBay so you can buy it back easily.


    Harold Delk <> Feb 29 11:20AM -0500  

    Nope, it''s not compatible with my TRS-80. Hey, there's an app for that ...
    I meant "emulator."


    Shiro atSM <> Feb 29 05:57AM -0800
    This SkillsCast video featuring film footage and slides, is a
    recording of an 'In The Brain' led by Linda Rising, PhD educated agile
    speaker and published author, on how the in-built human bias towards
    optimism leads us to fool ourselves into setting unreasonable timing
    Using examples from real life, Linda highlights the issue and provides
    practical advice on how best to understand our own propensity towards
    self-deception, while also offering methods to deal with and counter
    it where possible.


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