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    Bazinga Designs <> Apr 06 06:50PM +0200  

    Hi Doug, thanks for feedback :) Such possibility exist - you can add
    any link or text to your description and it will show up as a regular
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    BAZINGA Designs - strony internetowe
    Igor Wnuk
    Ul. PCK 5/20
    24-100 Puławy
    tel. +48 667 200 706
    tel. +48 722 188 134
    REGON: 060622686
    NIP: 716-255-43-47


    Bazinga Designs <> Apr 06 01:49AM -0700  

    Hi Seth, it's 2012 and for some things if you want to reach so far back as
    IE8 or 7 you'd just need to provide fallbacks. Provided that the IE8/7
    users have Flash installed you could detect that and give them a Flash
    version instead.
    There's also some other thing you might want to try: use SVG for modern
    browsers and VML for old versions of Internet Explorer such like 8. Here,
    have a look at those links - these are the JavaScript libraries that take
    the burden of conversion, you just write the code once (with animations
    too) and it is magically displayed using the gears it finds:

    some other resources:
    W dniu piątek, 6 kwietnia 2012 02:13:18 UTC+2 użytkownik umiwangu napisał:


    umiwangu <> Apr 06 07:53AM -0700  

    Thanks, I appreciate it.
    The truth is, 25% of our visitors are either using IE 7 or 8. I know it's
    2012, but the visitors aren't here yet. :-)
    I'll take a look at the links.
    On Friday, April 6, 2012 4:49:18 AM UTC-4, Bazinga Designs wrote:


    umiwangu <> Apr 06 07:49AM -0700  

    That really sucks.
    I finally got the documentation done yesterday. I went ahead and just used
    Word, plus screenshots. 40 pages long, about 13,000 words. I know it'll
    need to be added to though, as I continue to think of things.
    Thanks for the help!


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