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    Deepali Chaturya <> Apr 16 10:22AM +0530  

    ya..u can put ? in dynamic url not in static...


    SEO Web Tech <> Apr 16 10:29AM +0530  

    I am working on joomla website 1.5, what seo strategies i need to be for
    its ranking,
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    Sumit <> Apr 16 10:00AM +0530  

    That URL is computer genrated which means dynamic, it's difficult to
    remember. that's why most of the experts prefer static URL (permalinks).


    "M.Veeranath" <> Apr 15 12:34PM +0530  

    Gary, Rajesh is asking to Keep ? in Title Not in URL's.. So, we can Use
    the Symbol in Titles.


    sameer khan <> Apr 13 07:50PM +0530  

    No issues on using '?'. Google wont read that arithmetic characters...
    Thank you,
    Best Regards,
    Sameer Khan,
    SEO Analyst.


    "M.Veeranath" <> Apr 13 07:31PM +0530  

    Yes, You can Use it.. No Issues


    sameer khan <> Apr 13 07:52PM +0530  

    Avoid using same anchor text for the submissions.
    Try to take different keywords using adwords keyword tool.
    This the update happened in google panda update 3.4
    Thank you,
    Best Regards,
    Sameer Khan,
    SEO Analyst.


    SRavan Kumar <> Apr 13 10:19PM +0530  

    Hello faiza
    First of all thanks alot for your valuble response, apart from this do you
    have any more suggestion to over come this issue.
    Sravan Kumar
    Warm Regards


    sameer khan <> Apr 13 07:54PM +0530  

    Post ur videos in top video sharing sites like youtube, metacafe, etc.,
    Thank you,
    Sameer Khan,
    SEO Analyst.


    Alwasl Fishing <> Apr 15 08:11AM -0700  

    Make a note of high volume traffic keywords, make them your anchor
    tags for offpage submission and start submitting your website from low
    PR to high PR directories, article, guest blogs and other source of
    traffic websites..


    sameer khan <> Apr 13 07:58PM +0530  

    Set the location to get traffic in google webmaster tools.
    Social media is the great way to gain traffic like facebook, twitter,
    pinterest, etc.,
    Also link building is one of the best way to gain traffic. Like LOGO
    submissions, Profile creations, Web 2.0, Create a lens in squidoo and share
    it in social media sites, social bookmarking, etc.,
    Sameer Khan,
    SEO Analyst.


    Zotic Atal <> Apr 13 08:23AM -0700  

    Hi guys!
    First of all thanks for keeping alive this group and doing all of this
    great things for community all around the world.
    My 1st question:
    Link building is necessarily for every link on my webiste? For example,
    let's say that my home page is "" and today I've posted
    something and I have a new link on my website
    "". For this new link
    "" is necessarily to do link building?
    Please help me with this, i know is a dumb question but i didn't find
    a straight answer.
    My 2nd question:
    What seo tools do you use (free and paid).
    Thanks in advance!


    Vijay Gaikwad <> Apr 14 10:24AM +0530  

    Hello Everybody,
    Recently i got one project. My client proposal is that his site should be
    display on all social networking site with banner advertisement or video
    How i resolve that problem need your helps guys ASAP. Give me brief
    * Vijay Gaikwad**



    Alwasl Fishing <> Apr 15 08:08AM -0700  

    We can work for you let us know your website url and your keywords
    that your are trying to stress in google.
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    Krishna Chaitanya <> Apr 16 11:37AM +0530  

    Hi Experts .
    Just we are moving steps toward Mobile Optimization.
    I am ok with basics, but need some more advice on it,Can any one help me on
    -Thanks &Regards:
    Krishna Chaitanya,. <>


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