Friday, April 13, 2012

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    Brijesh SEO <> Apr 13 01:50PM +0530  

    Hi All,
    I am looking at someone to help me with link building for an e-commerce
    Please reply to me on if anyone interested along with cost etc.


    Billa Rajinikar <> Apr 13 03:36PM +0200  

    I am new to SEO field, If you give Link building opportunity I can improve
    my knowledge and I will do my best. Thanks in advance
    Thanks & Regards,
    Billa Rajinikar


    Rajesh Shitole <> Apr 03 03:26PM +0530  

    Hi Friends,
    I want to know that can we use '?' in title or can it affect the optimizing
    the website..?
    I am working on the website.... with the keyword -Which
    camera should I buy?-
    Please help me to sort this out......
    Warm Regards,


    Deepali Chaturya <> Apr 13 06:52PM +0530  

    use can use it in title not in url


    soniseo <> Apr 02 10:04PM -0700  

    i am doing natural link building for my website and top rank in from last 1 year. now google message me Google Webmaster
    Tools notice of detected unnatural links to my website.
    what is going on... any one idea...
    how fix this issue asap.....
    please guide...


    Kevin Symons <> Apr 13 10:28AM +0100  

    You do not give much info so I will suggest a few things that you may be
    Are you:
    Using the same anchor text?
    Linking to the same page?
    Using the same text for comments, content or listings?
    Adding a lot of links at the same time to content that has been static?
    Pretending to be someone else or conversing with yourself from the same IP?
    Google is looking for a natural linking pattern which means varied anchor
    text to various pages using unique content . Also avoid putting links into
    any posts or using a footer as thee spawn spam like links.


    girish phalke <> Apr 13 01:35PM +0530  

    If you have bought any links from other website then remove it first.


    Sumit <> Apr 13 01:34PM +0530  

    unnatural links means paid or ir-relevant links from your theme


    Power Star <> Apr 11 05:36AM -0700  

    Hello Members
    Could Any one let me know to get the more traffic (views) to the
    videos for my clients. I have more than 4 projects in hand, but unable
    to get best visitors to those videos.
    Kindly Help Me Out in this assignment.
    Sravan Kumar (Power Star)


    Faiza Ali <> Apr 13 02:42PM +0530  

    If appropriate you can consider embedding the videos on the website as
    well. This way the view count can be shot up through website visitors.
    Consider sharing them on social networks like FB, Twitter, Google+ etc
    where you already have a fan base who are interested in you and your stuff.
    Try getting interesting catchy video titles around well chosen keywords (do
    this cleverly) so that the video has the potential of ranking on related
    searches, and entices the visitors to click through (if the title sounds to
    be interesting). It all perhaps also depends on what your video content is
    all about.

    "Heartbreaks last as long as you want and cut as deep as you let them
    go...the challenge is not to survive heartbreaks, but to learn from them."


    jassi <> Apr 08 12:49PM -0700  

    Send a Email about this problem to Digg . they definitely give a
    solution for this.
    jasbir singh


    George Abraham <> Apr 03 11:11AM +0530  

    Hi Friend,
    You can send a request mail to the Digg moderators, but they rarely
    reinstate your account once it is banned.


    Krishna Chaitanya <> Apr 03 12:02PM +0530  

    Hi Vikas ,,
    Why dont you share ?
    -Thanks &Regards:
    Krishna Chaitanya,.


    "M.Veeranath" <> Apr 03 12:46PM +0530  

    can i have sample of your content..


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