Sunday, April 15, 2012

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    Artist <> Apr 14 11:27AM -0500  

    Chrome seems like a pretty capable browser, but there are still some very
    serious issues that are unresolved. However, I want to make sure that
    everyone else is dealing with the same issues, as it seems to me that there
    would be no way it can be taken seriously as a browser unless these issues
    are addressed and fixed... or maybe there is an extension that does it.
    Anyway, IE9 is incapable as a browser, to me. And with FF screwing up all
    over the place now, and people seeming to like Chrome, I at least want 1
    browser that works. With the Chrome support in this group and me being a
    relatively new user (on a daily depends-on-it all the time basis), and
    Chrome owning the Mobile (psuedo-linux) platform on Android with Safari
    (also a webkit browser) owning the Apple iPhone/iPad mobile platform, I
    thought someone might help me find extensions that may fix the problems I
    am seeing.
    *Chrome Issues:*
    - Pop-up windows (tool tips, balloons, help blurbs, etc...) often show
    BEHIND video or Flash components (not very helpful).
    - Improper display of Flash components (they are displayed at first, but
    at the wrong width/height, or don't collapse; when they don't fit, they
    disappear from the display).
    - Excruciating long start-up. Long time to start, long time to load
    pages, long time to show the new tab page with most frequented pages.
    - Doesn't seem to want to be the default browser (not handling the
    hand-off from other apps to display links in the default browser very
    quickly (real slow!!!).
    - Doesn't seem to like Flash at all.
    If you guys know of any fixes, please let me know, IE9 is still user
    frustrating (clicking Back 4 times quickly or more just to go back one
    page) and FF has become unusable as a development tool with absolute
    stupidity in displaying pages. I need something to actually work. Oh, and
    I am also willing to listen to alternatives if they will actually work and
    prove useful.
    -Thanks!, Doug
    Doug Peters
    (605) 331-0808
    http://www.Domainers.Name http://www.PremiumBrand.Name<>


    Liam Kenneth <> Apr 14 09:31PM +0100  

    Im not experiencing the slowness but I no longer use it in web development.
    I found it don't show certain css errors. so it looks great in Webkit
    browsers but in Firefox the design might be slightly wrong. So I know use
    firefox for dev but chrome for browsing, it's definitely fast for me.


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