Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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    Artist <> Apr 10 04:10PM -0500  

    Yup, that's what I meant. His message was deleted from the archive because
    it was spam. As he sent it, he was banned as a user because it was pure

  Apr 09 10:58PM -0600  

    Hi all,
    I'm having some difficultly with a doctype.
    It seems that I am not able to get my CSS to work well with XHTML 1.0 strict.
    I'm not sure what to look for or where to start.
    I know that when I run it through the W3c validator I get over 50
    errors for this one page.
    Is there a decent easy to read cheat sheet for codes that I can and
    can not use for strict?
    For example, I know that a <span> will not allow widths. This is one
    problem I am having and need to know a better work around.
    I'm using .net 4.0 and when you use some of their controls they are
    built out as spans. So I need to find a way around this issue.
    I would hate to have to put divs around everything but it's sounding
    more and more like I need to do that.
    Anyway, any insight in to this would be greatly appreciated.


    eriteric <> Apr 10 04:28AM -0700  

    I don't know anything about .net but I have to ask... any reason why you
    can't use a newer doctype?
    Strict is all about removing presentation from structure.. I suppose just
    keep that in mind.
    There is plenty online about it. Here is what looks like a good place to
    get you started:
    On Monday, April 9, 2012 9:58:07 PM UTC-7, cooljazz wrote:


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