Saturday, June 30, 2012

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    Jud <> Jun 29 04:14PM -0700  

    Good day,
    I'm a Mac only programmer who uses the Saucelabs web-based product to
    preview web pages in IE on Windows platforms. It's a good product.
    Very dynamic. Flash-based. But at $30 per month, it's expensive for
    occasionally use.
    I am looking for an alternative. Thoughts? Recommendations?


    Robert <> Jun 29 08:19PM -0500  

    I've used IE in virtual box before, seems to work ok if your machine can handle it. Here is an article that shows how to download virtualbox with virtual versions of windows.

    Like I said, though, my machine is old and really bogged down with two virtual machines.


    Joni Mueller <> Jun 29 10:39PM -0500  

    There's a program that I use that has all versions of IE for testing all the way back to IE3. And it's FREE. Find it here:
    Joni Mueller
    Pixelita Designs
    From: [] On Behalf Of Artist
    Sent: Friday, June 29, 2012 6:48 PM
    Subject: Re: [WD&D] Alternative to Saucelabs
    $30.00 a month for an IE preview? I can't believe that. In ten months you could afford a cheap $300.00 laptop for that. And if all you are doing is browsing the web you can set it up for automated updates, free anti-virus from Microsoft and have a spare PC should you ever need one.
    There are alternatives, but I would just consider the above suggestion. That said, there are free services, but as I am stuck on a Windows based platform I don't pay any attention to them and just have all the browsers at ready.


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