Friday, June 8, 2012

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    Andy <> Jun 07 01:35PM -0700  

    Hi everyone,
    I have a few questions in relation to shopping carts. I have a small
    website and wish to add a shopping facility. Less than 20 products.
    I am a bit confused about the options available to me and the
    terminology associated with it (merchant accounts, payment gateways,
    ssl etc.) - new to this area.
    Does anyone know of any good links / guides / diagrams with good
    detailed explanations about options available and security issues.
    And if I wanted to go with PayPal for instance whats the difference
    between this and going it alone with my own shopping cart?
    Thanks ;-)


    Stuart Moules <> Jun 07 10:09PM +0100  

    If you handle the money : i.e. keep peoples credit card details on your own
    space, then you face the consequences when you will get hacked. I would let
    a third party take the fall, or back you up where necessary. If you wish to
    make a quick start into shopping carts i suggest: as its free and open source, but i have never
    used it.


    Justin W Hall <> Jun 07 06:31PM -0600  

    Magento would be another open source option that is pretty easy in relative terms. Plenty of tuts out there too.

    On Jun 7, 2012, at 3:09 PM, Stuart Moules wrote:
    Justin W. Hall
    Skype: justinwhall
    cell: 803-318-4804


    chris walker <> Jun 08 08:44AM +0800  

    Magento is overkill for 20 items. Try opecart and use for
    payments. PayPal. Is not a bank, not regulated, and can freeze your
    account on a whim. They are awful


    Ed Croteau <> Jun 07 06:12PM -0700  

    We do a decent percentage of transactions on PayPal FYI, never had any trouble at all. Some people like it. We also support Google Checkout and Amazon Checkout and of course for single page CC checkout.
    I do recommend looking into hosted shopping carts - it was a big positive move for us. We use 3dcart but there are many others like BigCommerce, etc.
    A major issue with using (which you still need for the hosted cart btw) on your own site is that you have to be PCI-DSS compliant - good luck on that. If you host your cart they maintain all CC data therefore they are the ones who need (and have) the certification. Check into it - it's a significant concern.
    Another great feature is 24-7 tech support ... you can always tweak stuff but not the core functions so you can't break it easily.
    Finally, the feature set itself on hosted carts is amazing and they keep lowering prices and adding features ...
    If you want to go in the middle you can use PayPal or Google Checkout to take credit cards (offsite which avoids PCI-DSS) and use a javascript cart like ECWID (e-commerce widget acronym I think). Too limited for us but a great option to check out. Also, for Joomla look at Tienda. There are many ...
    My 2 cents.
    P.S. I agree - Magento is way overkill for a small site ...
    On Jun 7, 2012, at 5:44 PM, chris walker wrote:
    > Skype: justinwhall
    > cell: 803-318-4804
    Ed Croteau
    JED Traders, Inc. / Jedzebel™ / ecogirl® / hat.a.girl®
    703 Front St.
    Santa Cruz, CA 95060 USA
    TEL (888) 268-5326
    FAX (888) 252-4605
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    International FAX : 00-1-801-894-6905
    email :


    Justin W Hall <> Jun 07 09:03PM -0600  

    It's also really fast to implement, and easy in the relative sense. While I'm disagreeing with you, might as well keep going on the grounds of payment gateway. I've never had a problem with paypal. I've also used a bunch without problems. 1/3 isn't terrible.

    On Jun 7, 2012, at 6:44 PM, chris walker wrote:


    Stuart Moules <> Jun 07 09:20PM +0100  

    Also Doug,
    If you check the ebook i sent for form validation which unlike javascript
    client side validation can be used to induce xss attacks, you have probably
    already seen the spam scrubber on in the contact form example
    in the php sample scripts, but this goes into more depth, don't forget to
    check out chapter 12 'security methods' in the ebook. Right ill buzz off
    now, can you tell i have been hitting the grog again?!*@ Stu.


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